RoboMarkets Integrates Acuity Trading’s Advanced AI Technologies to Enhance Client Offerings


RoboMarkets, a European brokerage company, has announced a strategic partnership with Acuity Trading, renowned for its advanced AI-driven trading technologies. This alliance emphasises RoboMarkets’ commitment to offering its retail and professional clients refined, alternative perspectives on the financial market, ensuring they maintain a competitive edge in their trading endeavours.

In its effort to empower its traders with augmented trading experiences, RoboMarkets is poised to integrate Acuity’s innovative AI-driven tools, including the Economic Calendar, AnalysisIQ, and AssetIQ. This collaboration enriches the decision-making capabilities of RoboMarkets’ traders and underscores the Company’s commitment to offering a comprehensive perspective on the financial market.

RoboMarkets’ traders will gain access to advanced tools including:

  • Acuity’s AI-Powered Economic Calendar: this tool offers real-time insights. It equips traders to navigate market volatilities and uncertainties with AI-enhanced filtering and vivid indicators, transforming these challenges into actionable trading opportunities.
  • Acuity’s AnalysisIQ: this technology, originating from Signal Centre and acquired by Acuity in 2021, operates under FCA regulation. It provides traders with professional, dependable market research and trade signals, bolstering their trading strategies and decision-making processes.
  • AssetIQ: this robust research tool provides traders with a comprehensive, unified view of global market assets, ensuring that the latest and most relevant data is always available to assist them in making informed trading decisions.

RoboMarkets has consistently aimed to continually enhance its offerings and provide clients with innovative tools based on the latest technological breakthroughs. The partnership with Acuity Trading underscores RoboMarkets’ commitment to continuously refining its offerings with cutting-edge tools.

As a CySEC-regulated entity, RoboMarkets remains steadfast in prioritising the evolving needs of its traders. With a diverse range of over 3,000 instruments, including US Stocks and ETFs, available for trading and investment, the Company reinforces its dedication to maintaining a leading position in the trading industry by integrating with Acuity Trading’s innovative tools.