Fuel Transport Optimizes Warehouse Operations with Tecsys’ SaaS Supply Chain Tech Stack


Tecsys Inc. (TSX: TCS), an industry-leading supply chain management software company, today announced that Fuel Transport, a Montreal-based logistics and transportation company, has implemented advanced supply chain execution software into its warehousing operations to modernize its tech stack and enable extended value-added 3PL services. This software implementation strengthens Fuel’s position as a growth-oriented industry innovator and equips the 3PL with critical tools to serve its clients better, faster and smarter.

Fuel has established a robust network of people, assets and services that has allowed the company to aggressively expand its capacity and order processing capabilities. This notable growth compelled the organization to invest in its tech stack preemptively so that the business could continue to expand both in scale and service level. Central to this initiative, Fuel sought a warehouse management platform with advanced capabilities that could both handle the complexities of today’s market and meet the operational and visibility demands needed to set benchmarks in their industry for years to come.

“With the expansion of our warehousing division, we needed more accuracy and scalability in our infrastructure, with more versatility for our clients, across our multiple locations,” says Peter Perrella, vice president, Sales at Fuel. “Tecsys is a sophisticated, fully integrated and flexible cloud-based WMS that provides a more diversified inventory management system. Its real-time visibility will assist Fuel in attracting high profile clients who require more than just a simple in and out storage system. Tecsys can also support our business model by managing complexities with ease as we explore other avenues and future projects.”

Ron McIntyre, vice president, Technology & Innovation at Fuel, comments: “The Tecsys solution reduces our reliance on manual record keeping and double keying, so we are able to focus our resources on value-added services. Tecsys has helped us move our warehouse administrative tasks from 90% manual to 90% system-driven, which has equipped us with real-time visibility and auditing capabilities, affording us a high degree of confidence in our data. We are able to render that data into better customer service, satisfying complex process and technology needs for a new breed of 3PL client.”

The Tecsys platform helps Fuel make smarter supply chain decisions and serve its markets without disruption, despite multiple nodes of volatility. For example, Fuel’s Tecsys-powered visibility enables the 3PL provider to hold more documented inventory in the same space while driving better inventory and order accuracy, instilling in clients a greater degree of confidence even in challenging conditions.

“Tecsys gives us the operational agility and business intelligence to be able to adapt along with our clients, providing the best suited solutions to their individual needs. With Tecsys in place, we can run sophisticated logistics on the backend, while simplifying the client-facing experience,” continues McIntyre.

“As the 3PL industry becomes more and more complex with the demands of e-commerce and multichannel distribution, it is incumbent on providers to harness that complexity as a competitive advantage,” says Vito Calabretta, senior vice president of Global Operations at Tecsys. “Fuel’s investments in technology are doing just that. This is an organization that is building a remarkable digital 3PL infrastructure, and Fuel’s customers will take notice. We are delighted to serve as a central cog in this first-class company.”