Global payment solution provider Reach supports its rapid growth with new CTO

Reach, the global payment localization provider, has appointed Tyler Barry as Chief Technical Officer to support the business’ continued success throughout 2021 and beyond.

Barry, a twenty-year veteran of the technology industry, has been appointed to develop and execute the company’s strategic technology action plan and position the brand as it demonstrates explosive growth. A vastly experienced and talented leader, Barry has a proven record of success, and brings a wide range of expertise in areas such as scalable systems, distributed transaction settlement, mobile banking, and payment method integration.

Tyler Barry joins Reach after a decade of consulting directly with banks and fintechs in the North American and European markets. Over that period, Tyler led the overall design and work of the technical teams to conduct the first international blockchain-based currency transfer for a Canadian financial institution; delivered the solution design and delivery of numerous mobile payments solutions such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and Interac Etransfer for multiple financial institutions; leveraged open banking standards to deliver forward-looking solutions; and drove the design of software architecture for real-time fraud systems and highly scalable service-based environments.

Tyler will now turn his wealth of experience toward developing the Reach Platform, supporting improvements in transaction performance, dynamic processing, scalability, insight, security, and user experience.

Barry commented: “Reach is at an inflection point. We have an exceptional management team, a phenomenal customer base, and a market leading solution for merchants going global. I am energized to be part of the Reach team and to be able to serve the entire organization in propelling the growth of our services and platform for our customers.”

The Reach platform is designed to allow merchants to take advantage of the benefits of selling locally in a global marketplace, using its innovative service model to deliver higher conversion rates, lower costs, and a better end user experience for customers across the world.

Localised payment processing is a potential gold mine for global merchants, who are often saddled with higher fees and lower approval rates when processing foreign payments. For many businesses outside of the major multinationals, this has previously been unachievable due to requiring an ‘in-country’ business presence. However, by working through Reach’s platform, merchants can utilise Reach’s core connections and corporate structure to process localised payments from any country across the globe.

Thanks to Reach’s innovative platform and corporate relationships, businesses can take advantage of the best wholesale FX rates, along with presenting costs in local rates across more than 100 geographies worldwide, to deliver better service and increased value.

Sam Ranieri, CEO at Reach, said: “After a period of exceptional growth for our business, we’re thrilled to be welcoming Tyler as our new CTO. Tyler brings a wealth of invaluable experience to our senior team, with his track record of success speaking for itself. With his knowledge and support, we are well placed to continue disrupting the global ecommerce space through 2021 and the years ahead.”

“We saw a seismic shift in the commercial landscape in 2020, with the pandemic forcing businesses to rapidly refocus on ecommerce as their essential business model. This move exposed a huge number of businesses to new challenges, including volatile exchange rates and cross-border commerce risks. By adding talented individuals such as Tyler to our team, we’re ensuring that our solution will be ready to support merchants worldwide as they look to take advantage of cross-border ecommerce opportunities.”