Canadian Fintech Start-Up SAVVII Group Inc. — Offering a Uniquely Holistic Approach to Personal Finance — Announces $10M in Seed Funding


Savvii Group Inc. (“SAVVII”; pronounced sa-vee) – the latest future-thinking Canadian fintech that boasts designing the “Smartest Card You Will Ever Need” – announced $10M in funding today from a leading financial investment firm. Set for Beta launch in the last half of 2022, SAVVII will offer a comprehensive suite of customizable solutions that allows its members to take an active role in their financial health, from smart saving to smarter spending and everything in between. Founded by veteran thought leader, financial product developer and payments innovator Marcius Bansavatar, SAVVII aims to remove barriers to financial fluency and enable a truly connected financial experience for a range of Canadian consumers in the digital age.

“We’re thrilled with this round of funding as SAVVII accelerates growing our team and building purpose-driven and vision-aligned solutions,” says SAVVII’s Founder and CEO Marcius Bansavatar.  “Consumers are demanding and deserving of more from their financial institutions, and it’s time that customers are truly in the driver’s seat of their financial health. SAVVII is not defined by our products and services, but rather, by the way we will empower our members to make their money work for them through smarter payment solutions, attainable goals, monitored progress and a full suite of offerings to compliment their needs.”

Prior to seed funding, SAVVII has already attracted and partnered with top industry talent to start developing its brand, infrastructure and solutions and continues to scale up rapidly with exciting career and growth opportunities. Founding team members, affectionately known as “SAVVIIES” are proven in their ability to attract and retain diverse, inclusive and engaged talent, ensuring that only the smartest teams are built to serve the “Smartest Card You Will Ever Need.”

“SAVVII’s purpose is to provide its members with more than financial solutions, rejecting the one-size-fits-all approach of traditional financial institutions and taking a more customized route to serve each individual member’s diverse goals and needs, says Bansavatar.  “It’s okay to break up with your current bank if the relationship isn’t working for you. No one should have to settle when they can get more with SAVVII and that’s exactly what we do – we deliver MORE.  More control, more savings, more rewards… more of what YOU need.”

Built into SAVVIIES’ DNA is an obsession with delivering choice for members, value for money and security with every dip, swipe, scan and tap – and the demand for these critical elements are clear. Waitlist numbers for those eager to get their hands on the limited number of “Smartest Cards You’ll Ever Need” in SAVVII’s Beta phase are rising daily, indicating a strong appetite for connected and empowering financial solutions that offer a truly holistic and personalized approach. To reserve your coveted spot on the waitlist, learn more about SAVVII or explore exciting career opportunities available from the ground up, visit