FintechCashier nominated for most impactful fintech executive and best new product by Benzinga Global Fintech Awards NYC (USA)


FintechCashier was nominated by Global Fintech Awards in New YorkDecember 8th 2022, to compete with the industry leaders and Fintech entrepreneurs. The event also includes a day of networking, dealmaking, whilst celebrating the year’s finest industry movers, and the most recent developments in Fintech. This well organised event has 40% international participation, 36 international companies and speakers so far, to discuss the future of crypto and meet high-level personalities, leaders, executives, and celebrities. Most companies will use this opportunity to win business, make critical connections and scale up their market share.

“I have the absolute honour to be nominated as the most impactful Fintech Executive whilst in New York, my home town – the city that brought me to this industry and led to the creation of FintechCashier,” said Shalom Dodoun, CEO and Founder of FintechCashier. “We are driven to modernise traditional banking to provide the best technology and payments ecosystem to ultimately serve the SMEs, Family offices and next- generation companies to reach the world.”

In total 6 UK based companies applied to various awards, 4 companies within the Most Impactful Executive categoryFintechCashier has been recognized for the Best New Product category.

Shalom Dodoun says: “Our services have helped numerous Wealth Management firms, Family offices and SMEs to keep up with the fast-changing technological landscape and overcome the obstacles facing international payments. Our multi-layered approach is what makes our solution different in today’s market.”

The UK headquartered company has over 300 integrations to various payment providers and more than 500 payment methods globally. FintechCashier’s system is integrated with many Regtech, KYC & KYB providers which allows them to offer their clients, through a single integration, to tap into a global payment network. The technology platform allows businesses in all verticals to add an additional payment method with just one click.

FintechCashier’s multi-layered approach consists of Technology, Payments, Licensing, Banking and Digital assets layers which together build the foundation for any Financial oriented company.

FintechCashier is not only building the networks that provide businesses with connectivity to transform – it taps into the new era by developing their super app, 2023 will be a pivotal year for FintechCashier starting with introducing a huge technology phase with our Super-APP-Backend (SAB), with the goal of revolutionising the sector while putting security, convenience, and speed first.