Sharing Economy Appoints Jefferson Chan as Chairman and CEO


Sharing Economy International Inc. (“SEII”) (OTCQB: SEII), announced today that the board of directors has appointed Mr. Pak Hei Jefferson Chan to be the Chairman and CEO, after Mr. Anthony Che Chung Chan has resigned as Chairman and CEO.

Mr. Jefferson Chan graduated from Hult International School with a Bachelor degree in Business Administration, Entrepreneurship.  Mr. Chan is the co-founder of ECrent Worldwide Company Limited since 2013, which has developed and operates a sharing economy platform, promoting “Share through Renting” for a sustainable future.

Mr. Chan’s previous experiences include Smart Work Media (New Jersey, USA), Brighton Management LTD (Hong Kong), Rothschild Bank (Zurich, Switzerland) and Mouawad Jewellery (Dubai), covering wide range of professional trainings in research and marketing, as well as investment banking operations.

Mr. Chan will continue to lead the development of the ECrent business, and to look for other business opportunities that may grow the company.


ECrent Global Sharing/Rental Platform Offers Special Deal for Users


Sharing Economy International Inc. (“SEII”) (OTCQB: SEII) announced today that its ECrent sharing platforms, a peer-to-peer sharing rental online marketplace worldwide that is ready to use in over 40 major regions worldwide, will charge its users a service fee of USD1 per 6 months for each rental item uploaded to the platform from 1st January 2021.

Global warming, various natural disasters and the Covid-19 epidemic has impacted the global economy, business activities, and daily lives of individuals. People’s attention to environmental protection and changes in consumption patterns drive the market demand in environmentally friendly consumption industries that allow individuals and groups to make money from underused assets.

With over 3.8 billion Internet users worldwide creating a huge development potential for ECrent, SEII believes that the platform will continue to be the revenue driver of the company. Assuming that each person uploads one rental item on the Ecrent platform on average, the estimated income is US$3.8 billion. Assuming that each operating group has 1,200 people, 6 million operating communities can be divided. The potential franchising income is US$1.5 billion per year. There are 125 million small and medium-size enterprises worldwide, and the penetration rate of the micro website market is 1%, reaching US$313 million per annum.

In the foreseeable future, it is believed that the sharing economy and the traditional economy will coexist. The company firmly believe the two can complement each other and create a win-win situation. SEII is eager to cooperate with the leading enterprises of the traditional economy, aiming at changing the global consumption pattern to achieve waste reduction at the source, in the hope of contributing to global environmental protection and sustainable development.