Announcing the launch of “ON-KO-CHI-SHIN,” an NFT project in which the “Living National Treasures” worldly showcase the captivating legacy of the Japanese kogei in hopes to preserve the traditional cultures.


CyberZ Inc. (Head office: Shibuya, Tokyo; CEO: Takahiro Yamauchi) and OEN Inc. (Head office: Shibuya, Tokyo; CEO: Takunori Fujii) are pleased to announce the launch of “ON-KO-CHI-SHIN” the second installment of “JINP (Japan Inspired NFT Portal),” a project launched to promote “Japanese culture” around the world, featuring traditional kogei artworks by three artists including two Living National Treasures.

“JINP” is a project that uses the notion of “four character compounds” in each work to convey diverse Japanese cultures such as kanji, washoku, nihonga, and kimono to the world.

In the initial series of this project, 10 illustrators released NFT works “Juu-Nin-To-Iro,” reflecting the “washoku” or the traditional Japanese colors, which were auctioned off for a total of more than 16 ETH (approximately 3,000,000 JPY).

The second series “ON-KO-CHI-SHIN” will feature Japanese kogei themed NFT artwork by world renowned photographer “RK.”

【2nd Series “ON-KO-CHI-SHIN”】

For generations, Japanese traditional kogei (arts and crafts) has continuously inherited the highest skills and expressions. “ON-KO-CHI-SHIN” project, a Japanese term defined as developing new ideas based on past studies, was launched in hopes to utilize the NFT technology to pass down the value of these fine crafts to future generations worldwide.

Digital arts based on the crafts (maki-e, some-ori, jiki) of three kogei artists, including “Living National Treasures” will be released.(*1) The artists’ share through this project will be used towards “preserving Japanese kogei craftsmanship” in the hope of fostering the next generation of artists, and ownership of an NFT demonstrates support for this movement.

Japanese Street Photographer “RK” will be the project’s Creative Director.

RK is best known for the portraits of celebrities such as Takashi Murakami and KAWS. The vibrancy of the city streets, architecture, and nature are captured uniquely depicted and have been featured in both Japanese and International media.

He holds the Japanese record for most NFT sales in the Foundation Marketplace. (As of January 2023)

Two types of NFT art will be on sale: a special “one of a kind” NFT which is a collaboration of photos taken by RK and Japanese kogei artwork, and a “3DNFT” created using 3DCG technology to best replicate the true beauty of actual artwork. 9 total varieties are available in each types of NFTs.

【RK’s Comment】

I am overjoyed to see the fusion of my photographs and Japanese kogei in 3D via the cutting edge NFT technology to be widely recognized. This photoshoot was unique as I attempted to bring out the best parts of both kogei crafts and my photos. You will not see something like this anywhere else, I truly hope you enjoy them.

【Kazumi Murose’s (Living National Treasure) Comment】

I feel as if we are entering an entirely new world by encapsulating the 1000-year history of kogei into the digital art of NFT. Skills are intangible yet proudly passed down for generations and are now being reborn into something no one has ever imagined. As we observe the resemblance between traditional kogei and contemporary NFT, we hope this will be a great opportunity for one to discover the kogei world of continuum innovation.

【Sales Overview】

Date: Scheduled to begin sales in March 2023

Official Website:

【What is JINP (Japan Inspired NFT Portal)?】

The NFT transaction value has increased rapidly in 2021 with the sales of digital art approaching the value to actual art.

In light of this circumstance, “JINP (Japan Inspired NFT Portal)” was created as a brand in hopes to attract art enthusiasts around the world. The project concept is “Japanese traditional culture x contemporary culture,” where history and modern is remixed and being preserved into the future using the blockchain technology.

JINP will continue to develop NFT that resembles Japanese traditional culture x contemporary culture” with four character compounds.


The Japanese Cultural Properties Protection Law defines “Intangible Cultural Properties” as performing arts, music, craft techniques, and other intangible cultural assets that possess high historical or artistic value to the country. An Individual who has achieved advanced mastery of them is nominated as Important Intangible Cultural Property holder, or commonly known as the “Living National Treasure.” There are only 116 of them in Japan.

SOURCE CyberZ Inc.