Smallcase hires KraftPixel for WordPress Development


smallcase, a fintech company focused on providing professionally-managed stock baskets that represent an investment idea, recently awarded the mandate to build, develop and manage its WordPress properties to IT firm KraftPixel, which is known for its specialization in bespoke and optimized WordPress development. The partnership aims to improve smallcase’s digital discoverability and on-site search engine optimization (SEO), ensuring an enhanced user experience and online visibility.

smallcase has built a reputation in the fintech industry for its innovative approach to investments, allowing users to pool multiple stocks together, thus simplifying the investing process and enabling informed decisions based on financial goals and risk tolerance.

KraftPixel, an IT company with experience working with various notable fintech clients in India, specializes in bespoke IT development, optimization and on-site SEO, helping businesses expand their reach, connect various systems and software together and increase revenue.

Aniket Thakkar, VP of Marketing at smallcase, shared his thoughts on the collaboration, “We are pleased to work with KraftPixel, a company known for its expertise in WordPress development and optimization in the fintech space. We are confident that KraftPixel’s expertise in building custom WordPress solutions will help us in our next phase of growth. We are committed to building new tools that will help our customers make smarter investment decisions.”

Sourav Kundu, General Manager (Marketing) at smallcase, added, “Our partnership with KraftPixel aligns with our mission to constantly innovate and build next-gen investment products for India. We look forward to the potential outcomes of KraftPixel’s efforts in enhancing our on-site SEO and web experience for our users.”

Abhishek Gharat, CEO at KraftPixel, emphasized the significance of optimization of digital properties and SEO for fintech companies, “In this dynamic digital environment, fintech companies are taking the right approach by prioritizing their online presence and user experience. We are eager to support smallcase by applying our expertise in WordPress and other advanced technologies, including the use of automation, to solve present-day challenges in digital.”

Prathamesh Gharat, CTO at KraftPixel, further explained, “A robust online presence is essential for fintech companies to gain users’ trust and extend their reach. Our experience indicates that open-source technologies like WordPress can be highly beneficial for businesses seeking to improve SEO when the WordPress instance is managed objectively. We aim to help smallcase capitalize on these advantages and strengthen its market position.”

In addition to their work with fintech clients, KraftPixel has a lesser-known history of contributing their effort to social good initiatives. Among multiple such initiatives, they have collaborated with the Maharashtra State Election Commission to optimize their voter search engine, enhancing accessibility and efficiency for users. In the outcome of this project, the tool built by KraftPixel managed around 9,000 simultaneous visitors on local body poll days, demonstrating their technical capabilities and commitment to social responsibility.

Last week, Nithin Kamath of Zerodha announced that they will be forming a joint venture (JV) with smallcase to start a new asset management company (AMC), highlighting the ‘6+ years of experience that smallcase has in building investment products’ via a LinkedIn post.

The collaboration between smallcase and KraftPixel represents a noteworthy development in the fintech industry’s pursuit of improving its discoverability via digital pursuits. As the two companies join forces, the prospects for smallcase’s growth and success within the fintech sector appear to be continuing on an upward trend.