UNITE Dubai – Middle East Private Wealth Gathers on Eve of Expo2020 to Discuss Investment, Trade and Philanthropy


UNITE Dubai, a concept which can also be found in MonacoZurichNew York and in Davos during the World Economic Forum exists to allow both public and private sector wealth to meet and engage with other governments and private wealth from around the world.

UNITE Dubai saw a new partnership between the World Humanitarian Forum and The Private Investment Group which will allow a greater level of education and engagement around philanthro-capitalism and other humanitarian work taking place in the MENA region. The World Humanitarian Forum, Part of the United Nations discussed topics such as ‘Building Forward Better’ and on their plans here in the UAE.

The theme for this prestigious occasion was ‘Changing the Narrative’.  Alastair Lidel, CEO and Founder of The Private Investment Group said “As we find ourselves entering a new phase in the global pandemic it is imperative, we do not gloss over lessons we have hopefully learnt. We must look at how we can support businesses in making their home here in the Middle East, we must encourage private wealth from here in the region to engage with their counterparts in Europe, US and Asia. The pandemic has shown us that borders exist only as a concept, and it is the job of humanity as a whole to innovate and support each other in the coming years ahead.”

Obediah Ayton, Chief Operating Officer at The Private Investment Group said “Many of the Sovereign Wealth Funds, Multi Family Offices and Private Equity Funds that joined us for UNITE Dubai have a strong appetite currently for companies that are breaking new ground, innovating to create new technologies and also bring the ‘human’ element into diversification of portfolios. UNITE Dubai and The Private Investment Group are proud to support such initiatives and do all that we can in promoting the UAE and the wider region.

Sharing the UNITE Dubai Ethos of Changing The Narrative Victor Friedberg from New Epoch Fund talked about ‘The Future of Food and Innovation’ and Scott Armstrong, Chief Editor for Arabian Business had the speech around ‘The Great Reset & Opportunities Within’ touching on important issues like menta health and ‘The ROI of Social Good’.

During the evening, a highly select group of businesses and governments from around the world who are changing the narratives in their own sectors joined UNITE Dubai as our proud partners.


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