Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited Phnom Penh Branch (ICBC PP) and UnionPay International (UPI) today announced that ICBC PP has enabled UnionPay Chip card and Contactless card payment for UnionPay Cardholders on Phnom Penh Sihanoukville (PPSHV) Expressway. UnionPay is the only payment brand that has enabled Chip card and Contactless card payment on PPSHV Expressway.

UnionPay Cardholders can now make fast, instant, secure and Contactless payment by simply tapping or inserting their UnionPay card to pay as compared to the hassle of using cash to make toll payment on this Expressway.

Under the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the PPSHV Expressway strengthens the bilateral relationship between China and Cambodia, and is the largest transportation infrastructure in Cambodia, stretching 187 kilometers between Phnom Penh and City of Sihanoukville. Some benefits of PPSHV Expressway include savings on transport cost between both cities, over 50% reduction in traveling duration from up to five hours on National Road Four to just two hours on PPSHV, making logistics more efficient and decrease in traffic accidents. Drivers have reported positive driving experience on this highway, with the Cambodian government planning for a second highway between Phnom Penh and Bavet under the BRI.

“We are pleased to work with our long trusted partner ICBC PP to enable Contactless payment for drivers to pay toll charges easily at the expressway. UPI actively participates in building the payment infrastructure in Cambodia to foster a cashless society, and we are happy to help enhance the transportation infrastructure by providing a superior payment experience for drivers on the PPSHV Expressway,” said Ms. Leang Chenda, Cambodia Country General Manager, UnionPay International South East Asia.

Said Mr. Lin Shiqiang, General Manager, ICBC PP, “We are very pleased to be able to collaborate with UPI to participate in this strategic BRI project to improve transportation and logistics efficiency in Cambodia. Enabling electronic and cashless payment on the PPSHV Expressway is in line with our aim to better serve our customers in the kingdom by providing more relevant products and services.”

To promote the usage of UnionPay Contactless payment on PPSHV Expressway, UnionPay Cardholders enjoy 10% discount when making Contactless payment at PPSHV Expressway toll booths. The discount is capped at USD5 per UnionPay card per day, limited to Contactless transaction only, valid till April 30 2023, or while stock lasts.


Russian Standard Bank clients now can transfer money to the cards of UnionPay Payment System


Russian Standard Bank made it possible for its clients to transfer money to UnionPay cards. Now it is easy and simple to send money to cards of UnionPay Payment System through Russian Standard Mobile bank or Internet bank.

The relevance of such service is especially high against the background of the active development of trade and friendship between Russia and China. Now, money can be transferred to UnionPay cards issued by foreign banks. A new convenient service for cross-border fund transfers to UnionPay cards is available to cardholders of any Issuing bank of any Payment System on the website of Russian Standard Bank and RS Express.

For Russian Standard Bank cardholders, the transfer is also available via the Mobile bank or Internet bank. It is enough to select the account from which the transfer is planned, fill in the recipient’s UnionPay card number, the amount and, finally, confirm the transfer. The fixed commission for sending funds to UnionPay cards is 1.5%. At the same time, from a ruble account, the minimum commission amount for one transfer will be 249 rubles, in US dollars – 4 $, in Euros – 3.5 €. The minimum transfer amount is 1500 rubles.

Xia Yu, head of UnionPay International Russian Branch, said: “Money Express is UnionPay International’s cross-border money transfer service that has been launched in 45 countries and regions, including the United StatesJapanSingaporeAustralia, the United Kingdom and Russia. We are glad that more and more Russian banks are connecting to Money Express, allowing local customers to transfer funds to UnionPay cards conveniently, quickly and safely. ”

In its daily work, Russian Standard Bank focuses on expanding financial opportunities for its customers, constantly introducing new options and services. Soon, the bank plans to connect the transfer service to UnionPay cards issued by Russian banks in all remote service channels, as well as to UnionPay cards issued in Mainland of China.


UnionPay’s “Mobile Phone as POS” Product Debuts Overseas, Benefitting Small and Micro Merchants in Hong Kong SAR and Malaysia First


UnionPay International announced today the launch of its Mobile Phone as POS (MPP) product in overseas markets. Small businesses are able to turn smartphones into POS terminals at a low cost and with zero technical modification, and support multiple types of UnionPay payments such as card/phone tap and QR Code. Hong Kong fintech SPECTRA Technologies, Malaysia’s AmBank Group and payment company Soft Space became the first group of organizations to provide this service to their merchants.

A number of survey reports indicate that more and more consumers have been shifting towards contact-free payments since the COVID-19 outbreak. UnionPay International, in joint efforts with payment partners, has worked to enable more than 10 million merchants outside of the Chinese mainland to support UnionPay mobile QuickPass and QR Code payment, minimizing cash usage and physical contact that may occur in face-to-face payments while improving the checkout experience. UPI also launched the PaybyLink solution, with which merchants are able to accept payments online without the need to set up an e-commerce store, so that more small and micro businesses outside of the Chinese mainland benefit from the adoption of mobile payments.

The MPP product will further lower the acceptance threshold for merchants as they can simply download a designated app onto a smartphone, complete the registration and review online before the service is activated. Additional hardware is not required.

The product has been warmly received by acquirers and merchants upon the launch. In the Hong Kong Brands and Products Expo that recently opened, more than 100 exhibitors tried to take payments with the MPP product. A spokesperson for the AmBank Group said that given the product’s strong operability and low cost, the Bank will encourage more SMEs to support UnionPay.

Accepting UnionPay payment services will bring a wide range of local and cross-border traffic to overseas merchants. Currently, UnionPay cards have been issued in 70 countries and regions around the world, and over 160 million have been issued outside the Chinese mainland; more than 100 UnionPay standard digital wallets have been rolled out in more than 20 countries and regions in multiple forms such as the UnionPay App, OEM Pay and QR Code wallet.


UnionPay International and Food Delivery Platform EASI Collaboration Makes Life More Convenient for Australians


UnionPay International and popular food delivery app in Australia, EASI, have strengthened their partnership by teaming up to actively give back to UnionPay cardholders, continuing to make life as convenient as possible for those working from home during ongoing pandemic lockdowns.

On 10th Dec 2021, UnionPay International would launch the virtual cards together with EASI in Australia and New Zealand, which provides various online and in-store promotion benefits offered by UnionPay. The cards can be used for e-commerce websites as well as in-stores. It would be easier to apply for the cards on EASI APP, no complex process and much personal information. When you apply for this card for the first time, you can get AUD100 vouchers for the New Customer promotion, also enjoy the further more benefits when you pay by this card.

Jian Jiangtao, Regional general manager of UnionPay International South Pacific Branch, said, “By the end of 2020, EASI had a 90% share of food delivery amongst ethnic Chinese in the Australian market with over 1.5 million takeaway users and 25,000 cooperative merchants, covering food delivery, supermarkets and other fields. The safe, convenient, and contactless service model of the EASI platform is perfectly suited to the needs of UnionPay cardholders especially during the UnionPay is providing a full-suite issuing tools from processing, card management and SaaS-based platform to fit the rapid growth for Fintech companies such as EASI. By issuing with UnionPay, companies like EASI will be able to expand their business from online to offline by leveraging on the good acceptance network, marketing resources and technology advantage from UnionPay.”

Online consumption has developed rapidly and according to a recent report by Australia Post, about 9.1 million Australian residents had an online shopping experience in the 2020/21 financial year, increasing 5.4% year-on-year. With recent lockdowns in Sydney spurring a 36% increase in online transactions in just 20 days, most noteworthy being food and daily necessities more than doubling compared with the previous fiscal year, UnionPay and EASI are committed to working together to serve UnionPay cardholders, bringing more choices and added convenience to their daily life.


UnionPay Collaborates with Dolfin E-wallet to Provide More Payment Options and Privileges to Customers in Thailand


UnionPay International (“UPI”), a leading global payment services provider, has partnered with Thailand’s e-wallet app Dolfin for an e-coupon reward scheme.

Until September 30, 2021, Dolfin users who make transactions with a UnionPay card added to the Dolfin app can enjoy exclusive privileges. There are up to THB 200 Dolfin e-coupons available on a first-come, first-served basis for any QR Code payments. Dolfin customers can claim a 50 baht e-coupon with their first two transactions, and a 100 baht e-coupon for the third.

Additionally, UnionPay customers who spend over THB 1,000 can redeem a THB 100 e-coupon from popular merchants such as Starbucks, Central Online and Tops by June 30, 2022 by visiting

These joint initiatives further support the mission of Bank of Thailand to move Thailand to a cashless society. UPI has been actively promoting cashless payments and now offers a full suite of products ranging from QR Code payment to mobile contactless payment. As a result of increased acceptance and changing consumers’ habits, UnionPay transaction volume on Dolfin app has increased by 100% between Q1 2021 and Q2 2021.

“UnionPay has always been in the forefront of payments innovation as we continue to expand cashless payment by increasing access to mobile payment in Thailand. This partnership with Dolfin is an example of how we continue to bring more payment conveniences and benefits to our cardholders and continue to promote e-payments in Thailand,” said Mr. Huiming Cai, General Manager of UnionPay International Southeast Asia.

“This is an exciting partnership for Dolfin as we continue our mission to provide a convenient and secure digital solution to facilitate e-payments by merchants and consumers,” said Miss Usanee Laohavaranun, Head of Marketing of Central JD Fintech Group . “Together with UPI, we will work towards our common goal of propelling Thailand towards a cashless and contactless payment experience, ready to move Thailand into a full digital society.”