CenterPrime Project “Support the Binance Smart Chain and various Mainnet Wallet SDKs in the CenterPrime Project.”


Today’s emerging technologies are making life easier. Developers are also finding their working environments more convenient. The SDK (Software Development Kit) is offering developers better development environments.

The SDK is a set of development tools that allows software engineers to create applications for specific software packages, software frameworks, hardware platforms, computer systems, game consoles, operating systems, and so on. The SDK helps to speed up development, allowing developers to respond quickly to changes in market structure.

Blockchain development has a high barrier to entry, resulting in insufficient package library support. The CenterPrime project supports the Wallet SDK to improve this environment.

The network supported by the Wallet SDK includes Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and QuarkChain, which makes it easy to develop the 7 essential features that make up a wallet: Create Wallet, Import Wallet Keystore, Export Wallet Keystore, View Wallet Assets, View Wallet Tokens, Send Wallet Assets, and Send Wallet Asset Tokens.

Ethereum is a distributed computing platform and operating system for implementing smart contract functions based on blockchain technology.

Binance Smart Chain is an autonomous type of smart contract blockchain that provides Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible programming functions. “Binance Smart Chain” is designed to run alongside Binance Chain, adding smart contract functions to support compatible Dapps, while maintaining quick speeds(fast transaction speed) and low transaction fees.

QuarkChain is the first public chain to implement state sharding. With its great sharding functionality, QuarkChain has a high TPS and provides four customization options: consensus, ecosystem economy, virtual machine, and ledger model.

In addition, when Wallet is developed through the Wallet SDK, it can be connected to real public networks. Moreover, each developed function will be used to generate block hash values in the CenterPrime Explorer.

The CenterPrime project is expected to support various tools and samples of EVM-based network integration solidity functions, thereby expanding the blockchain industry. More information can be found on the CenterPrime website ( and CenterPrime Explorer (to be released).