Dictador Europe and the Capital Group of Warsaw Stock Exchange Join for a Revolutionary Project: World’s First Tokenization of Aged Rum


Tokenization of a collector’s rum. This project with Dictador makes the Capital Group of the Warsaw Stock Exchange the most modern and dynamic in the world of digital assets.

Dictador Europe and the Capital Group of Warsaw Stock Exchange have entered into a partnership that aims to lead to the issuance of tokens for collector’s rum and their trading on a special trading platform prepared by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Tokenization may cover 60,000 liters of rum from vintages from 1983 to 1988, stored in over 100-year-old 99 chestnut barrels.

The goal of the project is to develop and implement a solution that enables the issuance and trading of crypto-assets representing aged collector’s rum.

Rum Bottles as Works of Art

Dictador is a luxury brand recognized and appreciated worldwide. The company is pioneering the creation of an entirely new, non-existent product, and experience category based on the world’s largest stock, of investment-grade rum, worth several billion dollars. The tradition of creating this spirit has been continued for over 100 years, dating back to 1913. The Dictador distillery is located in Cartagena on the Caribbean Sea in Colombia. Thanks to this unique location, an exceptional microclimate is created, perfect for aging rum.

Dictador’s hallmark is not only the exceptional quality of the spirit but also its unconventional and pioneering approach to business. For several years, the producer has specialized in creating collector’s editions of products, often in collaboration with renowned contemporary artists such as Lalique, Richard Orlinski, M-City (Mariusz Waras), Vhils, Tomasz Górnicki, Eva Minge, and Mr. Brainwash. Thanks to this collaboration, Dictador bottles have become investment and collector’s items. A few months ago, global media reported that bottles from the Golden Cities edition designed by M-City were being purchased by collectors for $1.5 million USD each.

For the purposes of the Dictador tokenization project, the company intends to allocate a portion of its most valuable resources, containing a selection of 35-40-year-old rums. Currently, this is one of the oldest and rarest rum reserves in the world.

Trading Platform for Tokenized Assets

As part of its development strategy, the Capital Group of Warsaw Stock Exchange is implementing a technological project that responds to the challenges of the modern financial market and the expectations of investors, as well as offering a breakthrough solution for collectors and enthusiasts.

The newly established market will enable the tokenization of non-financial assets (crypto-assets). Their value will be digitized and reflected in so-called denomination tokens. Thanks to high standards adopted from the traditional capital market, the market for tokenized assets will be secure and transparent for all users.

50 Million Tokens

Ultimately, tokenization can cover 60,000 liters of rum with an alcohol content ranging from 62 to 65%, which undergoes aging in 99 barrels with a capacity of 625 liters each. From the above quantity of aging distillate, approximately 100,000 bottles with an alcohol content of 41-50% will be filled. The project is valued at 100 million euros.

Dictador has been a leader in implementing new technologies that effectively utilize blockchain in the development of its luxury brand for several years.

Following initial experiences related to offering its products in the form of NFT tokens based on physical Dictador Lalique and Orlinski products, whose sales on the American BlockBar platform in 2021 ended in a spectacular sale.

Dictador Europe has also initiated the creation of a community as part of the ArtHouse Spirits DAO project. The presale stage concluded with transactions totaling one and a half million euros.

Controls and Audits

During the first five years of the Dictador project, the company guarantees the same volume of rum as at the start of the project. At the end of each calendar year, the project will be audited by a renowned entity specializing in audits to confirm the quantity of stored assets.

A Game Changer. The Capital Group Warsaw Stock Exchange and Dictador Set A New Global Standard for Spirits Tokenization.