Trade and Earn WT Token Effortlessly on XT.COM


XT.COM, the world’s first social-infused digital asset trading platform is excited to announce that it has listed Wohlstand token (WT) with USDT trading pair on top of its platform. With this listing, crypto enthusiasts can now perform WT/USDT trading on XT.COM conveniently and earn liveable income.

Wohlstand token (WT) is an ERC-20 and Binance chain BEP20 digital currency. Moreover, WT functions as a peer-to-peer native token with value-added privileges within the Wohlstand crypto business ecosystem. WT token can be purchased, traded, staked, and used to perform crypto-related transactions. Staking WT on the Wohlstand platform will provide users with 3% per month in USDT staking rewards.

Apart from XT.COM’s continuous token listing, it aims to bring financial independence to its users through cryptocurrency. It plans to achieve this breakthrough by listing a full suite of multi virtual currencies that are tradable on its platform. This excites XT.COM to list only the best selection of digital assets. Participants who arbitrage WT/USDT are eligible for withdrawals on XT.COM 24/7.

What is more, users can perform WT/USDT withdrawals at any time, everywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. XT.COM proudly encourages everyone to participate in trading WT tokens on its platform straightforwardly regardless of users’ geographical location.

Anisor, the Global CMO of stated, “We are proud to add trading support for WT token on XT.COM. We also encourage our global users to engage in active WT token trading and withdrawal on our platform.”

On the other hand, the WT token listing represents a monumental innovation that forms a huge part of XT.COM’s goal of expanding its crypto trading services landscape since the beginning of Q1 of 2022. To achieve this, XT.COM continues to build a remarkable footprint of its crypto listing portfolio now and beyond.