Bairong Named Top 10 APAC Bank Technology Solution Providers for 2021 by CIOReview


Leading Chinese independent AI-powered technology platform, Bairong Inc (“Bairong” or “the Company”, 6608.HK), has been named as one of the Top 10 Bank Technology Solution Providers for 2021 by CIOReview. The list identifies the top 10 fintech companies chosen by a panel of industry experts and analysts along with CIOReview’s editorial board. After reviewing hundreds of banking technology solution providers, Bairong was shortlisted as being at the forefront of tackling challenges in the banking space.

Bairong is recognized as being one of the leaders in the Chinese fintech industry that empowers financial service providers (FSPs) to expedite their digital transformation. The company is known for its industry-leading AI-powered digital tools designed to help FSPs analyze consumers’ financial and behavioral patterns. Bairong’s state-of-the-art consumer database contains an extensive range of consumer labels alongside unmatched big data analytics and translation capabilities that can convert unstructured consumer financial and behavioral data into intuitive and actionable insights. These tools have helped numerous FSPs establish robust credit risk management systems that enable them to continuously monitor potential risks and stay ahead of the curve.

“Being selected in the CIOReview’s 2021 Top 10 Bank Technology Solution Providers is a significant accomplishment for Bairong. It is a new milestone that demonstrates our capability and commitment to providing best-in-class solutions for our clients to facilitate them in achieving long-them business growth and sharpen their competitive edges in the ever-evolving financial scene,” said Zhang Shaofeng—the founder, chairman, and CEO.

Building on Bairong’s consumer database, the company has created a one-stop SaaS platform integrated with AI, cloud computing, blockchain, and big data technology to allow FSPs to simplify consumer data management and more. The platform is also equipped with risk-scoring algorithms, data-driven analytics models, and a cloud-based decision-making engine that can enable FSPs to thoroughly analyze consumers’ profiles and accurately identify their financial risks. In addition, Bairong’s self-developed InsurTech platform, Liming Box, provides a holistic data-driven analytics solution for insurance brokers to boost their consumer loyalty and profitability.

Over the past few years, Bairong’s fintech solutions, along with its collaboration with global financial institutions, have created some of the best business practices in the industry. Authored by Lauren CohenXiaoyan Zhang, and Spencer C.N. Hagist, a business case study titled “Bairong and the Promise of Big Data” has been published in the Harvard Business School Case Collection. This in-depth analysis features Bairong’s strategy in navigating the difficulties facing different firms in fintech and big data, as well as its innovative AI-powered fintech solutions that help the financial institutions meet modern challenges.

“From day one, Bairong’s vision has been to leverage the prowess of AI, cloud computing, and big data technology to create powerful tools that address some of the biggest challenges in the financial sector and help FSPs streamline operations. We have achieved this thanks to the consistent focus of our experienced staff. Now, we have created an unparalleled fintech platform built upon high standards and a sense of passion that we bring to partnerships with global financial players,” Zhang added.