Zilliqa emerges as the blockchain of choice for the largest esports brands


Zilliqa (https://www.zilliqa.com/), a high-performance, high-security, and low fee layer-1 blockchain protocol has recently onboarded three new esports and gaming partners – Indonesian-based RRQSpain-based MAD Lions, and Sweden’s Ninjas in Pyjamas. Zilliqa is quickly emerging as the blockchain-of-choice for the esports industry, which is expected to reach a global valuation of about $1.8 billion by 2022.

As their official blockchain partner, Zilliqa will be working closely with these entities to unlock and implement Web3-powered solutions – including tokenisation, NFTs and metaverse activations. Zilliqa will power tokens and create new environments that give esports fans easy access to play-to-earn games, promotional incentives, launch events, digital assets, autographs, viewing parties, giveaways, and more.

“Being associated with the top, most-watched esports entities in the world is an honour. With millions of followers worldwide and a passionate fan culture, the creation of borderless gaming communities is inevitable. Thanks to AR and VR-powered technology, we’ve created possibilities for gamers, influencers and fans to engage, earn and entertain as crypto and gaming join forces,” says Dr. Ben Livshits, CEO, Zilliqa. “This is not just a strategy but an exciting move for us. Why? Because it is a solid use case that clearly shows adoption is accelerating, and that blockchain is moving from the fringes of traditional finance to the centre of our lives.”

Fans can expect to see Zilliqa branding on team jerseys, content creator hoodies, and integrated marketing campaigns. Zilliqa’s upcoming creator-focused NFT marketplace and Web3 and XR-powered Metapolis will add further experiential layers creating new types of fan engagement opportunities.

Committed to building products for the esports and gaming sector, Zilliqa has appointed a new Head of Sports and Gaming, Tom Fleetham. Tom comes to the blockchain world from Fortune-500 tech giant IBM, where he was Sports and Entertainment Lead, and will help Zilliqa scale up such partnerships in the next phase of its growth.

“Our esports partners provide us with access to huge audiences of highly engaged, tech-savvy fans. We’re excited by the prospect of building web3 experiences for these fans, and enable new ways to engage with and support the players and teams they’re passionate about,” says Tom Fleetham, Head of Gaming and Sports, Zilliqa. “I firmly believe that gaming will be the sector that drives the next exponential growth in blockchain users. These types of partnerships can accelerate that adoption.”

Each of these partnerships brings a large and loyal following with an estimated combined social following of 11.8 million followers across the brands-owned channels and amassed over 100 million hours watched in 2021. MAD Lions, owned by Overactive Media, regularly work with two of the biggest Youtube stars in the world, Willyrex and Vegetta777, who have a combined total of 110 million followers. Some of the top gamers working with Ninja in Pyjamas, DEV1CE,Muzi,Ollelito, will engage millions of fans and help integrate blockchain technology into the mainstream market.

“There’s no better way to reach today’s generation of fans than at the intersection of gaming, music, sports, and lifestyle; much of which is happening in a digital space,” says Jorge Schnura, Vice-President, Strategy at OverActive Media. “Our recently announced partnership with Zilliqa is a key step towards unlocking a new dimension of entertainment and accessing untapped audiences in the metaverse. Their technical expertise combined with their commitment to sustainability gave us the confidence to collaborate over a multi-year term.”

Zilliqa’s blockchain protocol helps people connect, engage, and transact in the digital world. Its sharding protocol, combined with its secure-by-design language, Scilla is able to process high-volume transactions rapidly. Zilliqa recently implemented an eco-friendly token standard (ZRC6) to uplift the quality of NFTs and digital assets being created at affordable costs.