Technoloader Launched India’s First Fantasy Crypto Trading: TRADE THE GAMES


BITONE Foundation is accelerating the expansion of the ecosystem by sequentially launching various services. BITONE is a blockchain mainnet project that verifies and transparently protects online game and electronic voting data with a self-developed system called 2DIVS (Distributed Data Integrity Verification System). Recently, they successfully launched private sale of BIO, the ecosystem coin of BITONE, and its wallet service.

BITONE ‘s wallet service is an all-in-one service that provides various functions such as deposit and withdrawal of BIO, private sale, mining, game, and swap. BIO can be directly purchased with TRX within BIO wallet. The acquired BIO can be deposited and withdrawn after listing on the exchange, and BIO mining is possible by staking in the mining pool to be opened later. Users can easily make profits because they can easily participate in mining and receive interest within the service without linking their wallet to the mining service.

P2E games will also be opened on BIO wallet. It is a ‘Play to Earn’ game that provides users with an element of fun and allows them to get additional point rewards within the game. In BITONE P2E, the official BITONE mascot appear as game characters, and games with simple rules that anyone can easily play will be the main ones. Users can enjoy various games and receive BIO points, and the acquired points can be swapped for BIO on the swap page to be opened later.

In addition to the opening of BIO wallet service, users from Asia, the Middle East and Southeast Asia participated in BIO wallet airdrop event that is still ongoing, realizing its popularity. Currently, BIO wallet airdrop event pays 5 BIO when signing up for the service, and the supplies are running out quickly. After the supply is exhausted, it will be switched to the SNS airdrop event to broaden the airdrop offer.

Meanwhile, BIO-Browser, which has newly released in beta version, is also one of BITONE’s highly anticipated services. BIO Browser is an IPFS technology applied web browser that provides a fast and secure web search engine. Users can also earn reward points for browser usage. In addition, by providing tickets for the BITONE P2E game to be released later, the scope of users’ activities within BITONE ecosystem has been greatly expanded.

BITONE CMO Edward said, “Along with the mainnet construction and development, BITONE is currently launching various services such as games, browsers, and mining pools so that users can engage in various activities within the BITONE ecosystem. In particular, as 71% of the total amount of BIO coins is distributed to mining, we are focusing on the BIO mining service that will be opened soon. In line with the opening of the mining service, listing on a global exchange has been confirmed in the second quarter of this year, and global users from around the world are paying great attention to securing BIO before listing through private sales and airdrop. In this way, the foundation will continuously update related news and greatly respond to the many expectations and support for BITONE ‘s step towards the future.”


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