Technology, style, and speed: 3D designs showcase famous cartoon cars as high-tech supercars

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  • Taking inspiration from popular gaming and cartoon cars, Compare the Market has imagined four famous vehicles as real-life supercars
  • 3D renders include Homer’s sedan from The Simpsons, Brian’s Prius from Family Guy, The Onion Carriage from Shrek, and Fred’s Flintmobile from The Flintstones

Supercars are often regarded as some of the most powerful and luxurious vehicles in the world, bringing speed, style, and exceptional performance into a one-of-a-kind machine.

Working with an expert designer, compare the have taken some of the most iconic gaming and cartoon motors, such as Homer’s sedan and The Onion Carriage from Shrek, and have created 3D renders of each, as though they are real-life supercars.

Read on to discover more about how each car has been carefully crafted, and to see the 3D designs come to life…

Homer’s car, The Simpsons

Taking inspiration from the classic round look of the sedan’s headlights, as well as the squared roof, curved style of the hood, and the trunk lid, Homer’s supercar adaption has introduced a slight angle to the top, and a rounded middle with an airflow gap.

The rear side of the car has been transformed, so it resembles a modernised version of the classic shape of older supercars; transferring the metal rear covers around the taillights to the spoiler, to make the back of the car more aerodynamic.

Fred’s Flintmobile, The Flintstones

With the original being constructed from very primitive parts, the Flintmobile supercar required additional modification, however, there are a number of elements from the cartoon version that make it recognizable.

The side of Fred’s vehicle was made of wooden branches, inspiring the red color of the imagined supercar. Rims were created with a filled-solid look, since the original had solid cylindrical stones for wheels. The length of the car has been kept to a minimum, seeing as the Flintmobile didn’t have a hood or a trunk.

The Onion Carriage, Shrek

Although it is not a typical mode of transport, The Onion Carriage from Shrek provided a lot of potential to be turned into a supercar, with specific customizations. The wheels are made of plant vines, and therefore the supercar wheels have been created using a specific pattern to resemble the original.

Inspiration was taken from the cream colour for the main body of the car, whilst using bright salad green shades on the extras and interiors of the car. With this, the side windows were slightly pinched at the corners, to give Shrek’s supercar an arabesque look, similar to the original carriage.

Brian’s Prius, Family Guy

To re-imagine Brian’s much-loved Prius as a luxurious supercar, the designs were carefully crafted using straight cutting sculpting technology to shape the car, with added curvature to mimic the original model. The double headlights were used as inspiration, as well as the grid on the lower bumper.

To give it a nostalgic feeling and to make it recognizable, the colours of both the exterior and interiors were kept similar to the original vehicle.

Commenting on the 3D renders, Stephen Zeller, General Manager of General Insurance at Compare the Market, said: “If you are lucky enough to purchase a real-life supercar in your lifetime and not one of our cartoon-inspired versions, it’s important to remember that cars of such a high value, are also likely to come with an increased insurance premium.”

To find out more about each vehicle, as well as further expert insight on the cost of each car, please visit:

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