Tencent Cloud Collaborates with the University of Edinburgh in Research and Education Through its Industry-Leading Cloud Offerings


Tencent Cloud today announced its signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the University of Edinburgh, a higher education provider in Scotland, with an aim to support the University’s research and education programs through cloud offerings and technical engagement, reinforcing the academic institution’s technological advancement in the research field and talent cultivation.

Poshu Yeung, Senior Vice President, Tencent Cloud International, said, “The signing of the MoU to support the University of Edinburgh in its technological development underlines Tencent Cloud’s commitment to the education segment. We look forward to providing the University with more resources for education purposes and to nurturing talents in the field, as well as boosting its tech and knowledge support. This initiative also demonstrates the company’s mission of ‘Value for Users, Tech for Good’, centered on the values of integrity, proactivity, collaboration and creativity.”

Dr Tiejun Ma, Programme Director of MSc in Advanced Technology for Financial Computing, University of Edinburgh, said, “The need for technological advancement and further development on digital skills and knowledge has significantly grown in the finance industry in recent years. The University of Edinburgh’s Business Informatics Cluster is privileged to be benefiting from the reliable and high-quality services of Tencent Cloud, which opens more doors and possibilities for us to provide better and more technologically advanced higher education services in Scotland.”

The MoU allows Tencent Cloud to collaborate with the University in its academic programs by way of technical support and provision of resources, such as:

  • Access to Tencent Cloud’s Suite of Offerings: Tencent Cloud shall give the University Tencent Cloud Credits to be utilized in its research and education initiatives.
  • Talent Development:
    • Tencent Cloud and the University will collaborate on both digital and classroom training to develop further cloud skills, allowing students to learn online at their own pace or through in-person classes. Tencent Cloud will help the University with training and enhancement of cloud skills and products, built by experts at Tencent Cloud and updated regularly to keep pace with the latest cloud services.
    • Tencent Cloud and the University agree on knowledge exchange between students and researchers with Tencent Cloud’s AI team to explore collaborations on research and development projects.

The University of Edinburgh’s Business Informatics Cluster and the Bayes Centre will launch a series of research and talent initiatives accelerated by Tencent Cloud. These research and talent initiatives will build on the capabilities of the University in technical fields such as Data Science & AI and Financial Technologies. Commencing in April, the University will launch a series of MSc-related projects using Tencent Cloud as part of the collaboration. These projects will focus on critical and practical appreciation of how data, computing and artificial intelligence technologies can be used and developed to deliver value in organizations with finance, risk and decision-making related digitalization from both technology and business perspectives.

Tencent Cloud’s agreement with the University of Edinburgh further emphasizes its commitment to the education sector, continuing its streak of related initiatives such as the signing of an MoU with National University of Singapore to nurture companies in the city-state through cloud solutions, technical support, expertise and training from Tencent Cloud, as well as its participation in the UNESCO Global Education Coalition and its collaboration with a Hong Kong education platform GRWTH to optimize and enhance online teaching efficacy.

Operating in 27 regions and 62 availability zones worldwide, Tencent Cloud is a secure, reliable and high-performance public cloud service provider with advanced infrastructure, with a wide range of market applicability and experience.

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