The AEX Global Ambassador Plan is trending worldwide, the number of applicants has exceeded 1000 inquiries


In recent days, the number of applicants for the position of AEX Global Ambassador has quickly increased to more than 1000 applications. AEX Global Ambassadors have covered more than 50 countries and regions, including the United StatesVietnamRussiaNigeria, and Turkey. Being an AEX Ambassador and speaking on behalf of AEX in the global marketplace is becoming a popular trend in the crypto community.

The AEX Global Ambassador program was officially launched in October 2021. It is a market strategy within AEX internationalization, that aims to implement the effective construction of AEX global business ecosystem. AEX Global Ambassadors are divided into three categories: Brand Ambassadors, Market Ambassadors and Business Ambassadors and recruit globally. Anyone with experience building a community or brand and the ability to effectively communicate and conduct business in blockchain or finance is eligible to apply.

In their few months on the job, the Brand Ambassadors have created many localized brand channels for AEX, allowing AEX’s messages to reach more national groups in different languages. The Market Ambassadors have established communication between AEX and users, so that more users could get familiar with AEX’s services and products, such as trading, financial management, DeFi mining, etc. The Business Ambassadors have started attracting resources, such as deepened contacts between project participants in many countries and AEX, as well as referrals from compliance departments in other countries as well.

As rewards, AEX Global Ambassadors may receive commissions, regular salary, exclusive merchandise gifts, holiday gifts, exclusive support, etc.More information about becoming an AEX Global Ambassador, visit:

AEX is the earliest crypto exchange established in East Asia in 2013, with the idea of “safe investment and steady appreciation.” The goal is to create a win-win situation with partners. To ensure that global ambassadors receive the rewards commensurate with their contributions, the AEX Global Ambassadors Program has been expanded to include a promotion mechanism so that senior ambassadors can receive higher honorary titles and benefits.

Currently, ambassadors from more than 50 countries have contributed to AEX’s brand communication, market building, and business expansion, and helped establish the AEX Business Ecosystem on a global scale. AEX plans to update the recruitment plan to achieve standardized management for fast-growing Ambassador members and the scientization of value incentives.

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