Trakx Launches its New ‘Interoperability’ Crypto Tradable Index


Trakx, an emerging global fintech company providing thematic Crypto Tradable Indices (“CTIs”) through its registered Tier-1 trading platform, today announced the launch of its new Interoperability Index. This new Interoperability Index selects tokens representing attractive opportunities in this rapidly growing sector and is now available to trade on the Trakx platform.

“It seems inevitable that we are heading towards a multi-chain world where various blockchains will each specialise in a particular field. As a result, we’re also witnessing the rise and growth of interoperability technologies that allow cross-chain communications,” said Lionel Rebibo, CEO and co-founder of Trakx. “Our new Interoperability Index enables investors to gain exposure to this fast-growing sub-sector in the digital assets space. Further, it helps investors diversify their investment across quite promising future technologies in the market.”

Interoperability protocols and tokens – which refer to the ability for different blockchain protocols to communicate and exchange data through bridges – are expected to see significant growth in 2022 and the years to come. Interoperability is seen as a critical component for Web3 to drive mass adoption and unlock its true potential.

Trakx Interoperability CTI replicates the performance of the leading Interoperability tokens including Polkadot, Cosmos Network, Chainlink, Quant, Thorchain, Icon and Horizen. The asset allocation is weighted in the index based on each company’s market capitalisation.

More information on the Trakx Interoperability Index can be found here.

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