Unify Platform AG Launches Pre-IP Certification for R&D Content Using Blockchain Technology as Intellectual Property Protection on UNIPLAT


Unify Platform AG of Switzerland, with its Japan Hub in Shin-Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, announced on December 6 the launch of a new feature on the company’s online platform service, UNIPLAT. The new feature, named Pre-IP, is an abbreviation for “Pre (applied) Intelligent Property” and a unique UNIPLAT term. When researchers and entrepreneurs register their content (images, videos, text, etc.) published on the platform as Pre-IP, UNIPLAT will issue a third-party certificate stating that the content is authentically registered under the name of the relevant researcher or entrepreneur by using blockchain’s smart contract technology. This Pre-IP certification will be available on the platform from January 14, 2022.

UNIPLAT’s Logo: https://wireup.zone/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/echo/_prw_PI3fl_Y8v95kRP.jpg

Pre-IP certificate display on researcher’s and entrepreneur’s “My Lab” page
(Image from development site): https://wireup.zone/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/echo/_prw_PI1fl_28W48Q46.jpg

In the era of social media, information security could be at risk because anyone can store and make false claims against anything on the internet that is not registered or patented yet. UNIPLAT, through the establishment of the Pre-IP feature, intends to solve this problem. Pre-IP is introduced as an alternative to assure the authentication of research and development (R&D) content even before a legal patent or any other legal registration is issued. This arrangement allows researchers and entrepreneurs to prevent imitation of ideas and unauthorized secondary use of content through post-disclosure. From the point of view of other users (individuals, companies, institutions, etc.), the existence of Pre-IP helps them to support researchers and entrepreneurs with peace of mind; knowing that they donate to or collaborate on authentic R&D content that is properly registered by the relevant researcher or entrepreneur.

Pre-IP scheme image: https://wireup.zone/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/echo/_prw_PI2fl_2V30XaAo.jpg

Researchers and entrepreneurs can register and issue the Pre-IP certificate of their uploaded content from the Pre-IP tab on their “My Lab” page (a one-stop page that contains their profile, result of research, and other information). The issued certificate will be shown publicly on the same page. So, it is viewable by other users.

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