US Dollar Inflation Spiral Re-Sparks Interest in Crypto Payments, Investments


OnfoCoin, an up and coming project in the crypto space, draws in investors with alternative tools to escape the inflationary spiral of the USD and other fiat currencies.

Owning the ONFO asset grants access to a referral program, offering a gamified approach to investment. Anyone can earn ONFO by simply inviting their friends.

“Millennials are aware of multiple payment channels and fintech apps. But they are also interested in making their money work for them, and they are aware of the opportunities in the crypto space,” said J. R. Forsyth, co-founder and CEO of OnfoCoin. “OnfoCoin removes the barriers to entry in crypto,” he added.

Anyone interested in OnfoCoin can begin gaining coins without an initial investment. The speed of OnfoCoin means instant connectivity to a worldwide network of new owners and users. ONFO transactions are completely free, borderless, and take just seconds to move between wallets.

OnfoCoin arrived at a time when BTC, the most valuable coin, vaulted $19,000 during its latest rally. PayPal also noticed the hunger for technology-driven retail investments, as they recently allowed the purchase of crypto assets. Apps like Robinhood were also a strong option for offsetting inflation and stagnant wages.

ONFO enters the stage as a brand new asset, and has opened up its network to immediately earn coins. New users can immediately use their referral code to invite friends, thus growing the web of ONFO owners. While BTC and other coins have made money for traders and early adopters, they are still being hoarded by elite investors and are extremely volatile. ONFO changes the game by offering free coins to build a new peer-to-peer economy.

The demand for investing at one’s fingertips is not restricted to only Western countries. Russia’s Tinkoff Bank moved into the sector of micro retail investments with its own broker app. Tinkoff offered the Investment Box tool, giving users rebates, which are then automatically invested into a pre-selected portfolio.

OnfoCoin is a borderless project, uniting demand for potential gains for both Western users and the highly active Russian investors interested in crypto. The chance to launch fast, safe and secure micropayments, while offering passive income, makes OnfoCoin one of the promising options for investors in 2020.


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