Wemade Participates in the World’s Biggest NFT Conference ‘NFT.NYC 2023’ to Introduce NILE


Wemade is participating in the world’s biggest NFT conference ‘NFT.NYC 2023’, held from April 12th to 14th, as a platinum sponsor. It will introduce NEITH Station, the world’s first NFTFi service on its DAO & NFT platform, NILE (NFT Is Life Evolution).

The company’s booth will be decorated on the theme of ‘NILE. Breathing Life into NFTs’, and will have exhibitions and events where attendees can enjoy and learn about City of NILE, a NEITH NFT collection available in the NEITH Station.

In addition, it will also start a brand campaign to increase its presence in the global market by featuring City of NILE on the Times Square Billboards. It plans to actively communicate and support various projects and artists around the world, so they can join NILE’s ecosystem seamlessly.

City of RA, City of NILE’s second NEITH NFT collectible, will be on sale from April 12th, the event’s opening day. 88 PFP (Profile Picture) NFTs in the collectible can be purchased at NILE’s Marketplace.

NEITH Station is an NFTFi service that guarantees a fixed amount of WEMIX through a decentralized protocol, NEITH NFT. With NFTFi, users can lend, swap, and stake NEITH NFTs that they own. NEITH NFTs can be exchanged for a fixed amount of WEMIX at any time after the Covenant Date.

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