With the new team member – CoinsPaid, ARIS Limassol FC feels unstoppable


For the last two years, the united efforts of CoinsPaid and ARIS Limassol turned tables in Cyprus Championship, with ARIS now fighting for the champion’s title and right to play in European cups.

ARIS Limassol was founded in 1930, and that makes it one of the oldest football clubs in Cyprus. The club’s best achievement was qualifying for the Cyprus Cup final in 1989, but back then, victory slipped away. The next season the team signed, the legend himself, Ukrainian Oleh Blokhin, the 1975 European Footballer of the Year, who helped them get fourth place for the second time in their history. After that, the only real success has been seen by the team’s performance in Second Division – it won that championship 5 times (1954, 1956, 1994, 2011, 2013). Nevertheless, the club has preserved its legendary fighting spirit and bravery. A good example of such a spirit is Lakis Papadopoulos – he is the top scorer in the history of Aris Limassol and a true legend. The only thing that Aris lacked was a  good sponsor.

CoinsPaid could see the hidden potential of the club, even through the shadows of the volatile performance in the past – that’s exactly why CoinsPaid decided to support ARIS two years ago. Apart from the increased number of players and overall new lease of life, ARIS got a new coaching staff and improved infrastructure. That is the real transformative power of the leading provider of cryptocurrency payments in the world.

Both ARIS and CoinsPaid have already started to reap the fruits of their partnership.

ARIS was promoted to the Cypriot First Division last year after a successful match against Akritas Chlorakas. And that was just the beginning, as for right now, the club is 2nd in the Cyprus Championship, with just one point separating it from first place!

ARIS management has no intention of slowing down; in fact, they intend to work even harder in 2022, improve the level of competition, and make steady progress toward their objectives. They also expect that the number of spectators in the stands will rise next season, and they are prepared to present fans with the opportunity to see some spectacular football in the new Limassol Arena stadium.

With that in mind, it’s just the question of time when we’ll see ARIS play in European tournaments. So the importance of such a partnership between ARIS and CoinsPaid is hard to overstate.

Even though investment plays an important role in football, we wouldn’t love this game so much if it wasn’t about players. And that is exactly what the CoinsPaid Aris Player Of The Month award is all about – celebrating players and their fans!

Every month, at its discretion, CoinsPaid selects three to four nominees, and fans get the opportunity to choose the best football player by voting on the arisfc.com website and social networks. A commemorative figure of the best player will be awarded as a special prize from CoinsPaid. So don’t forget to support your favorite player!

There are also rumours on releasing an NFT collection of the club’s best players. We bet they plan something like that in case we see ARIS play in the European championship – that would definitely be a moment to remember.

ARIS is really happy with the outcomes of the partnership with Coinspaid, and they anticipate achieving big results from it in the near future, and we agree with them on that.

Sponsoring offer:

Due to its very successful partnership with ARIS Limassolis, CoinsPaid would like to replicate this winning relation in Estonia. That’s why we are now in the process of identifying sport clubs in Estonia that would be interested in working with us on sponsoring projects.

If you are a sport club or association and you have a partnership project in mind that could interest us, please get in touch with some information about who you are representing and what you have in mind; our email is [email protected]

Finally, we are about to proceed with several investments in local Credit Unions. Credit Unions are, in our eyes, an interesting response of the citizens to predatory practices of traditional banking institutions.

The Baltic House of Crypto by CoinsPaid:

The new CoinsPaid office will be located in the Porto Franco development next to the Admiralty Basin. This development designed by the worldwide renowned architectural bureau Chapman Taylor will be shifting the centre of Tallinn closer to the sea making Tallinn a fully-fledged seaside city.

We’ve rented 750 sq.m. of office space on the top floor of the northernmost building and we started a partnership with OCCO to take care of the design of what will be our flagship office hosting our worldwide headquarters. We should be moving there by the second half of the summer.

We also decided to start the “Baltic House of Crypto by CoinsPaid ” initiative. Under that flag, CoinsPaid wants to promote blockchain technologies and engage with the baltic crypto community. Meetups, conferences, hackathons will be regularly organised and hosted at our Porto Franco location. When weather permits, some of those activities will be happening on our roof-top where the breathtaking views of the Tallinn bay and of the gulf of Finland should inspire all the participants.

Even if CoinsPaid is an industry leader, it does not mean we are resting on our laurels. That’s why we will be running an incubator in Tallinn to help bring local entrepreneurs from idea to product. This activity will be of course focussing on blockchain related projects. More details about our incubation plans will be communicated in the future.

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