2022 Taiwan x Thailand Industrial Collaboration Summit – Smart City Industry Forum to kick off in Bangkok


The 2022 Taiwan x Thailand Industrial Collaboration Summit (TTICoS) – Smart City Industry Forum will be held at the Sukosol Hotel in Bangkok on the afternoon of September 22. It will be the first physical event since 2019. The forum will start with opening speeches by two distinguished guests, IDB’s Information Technology Industries Division deputy director, Yen Feng-chi, and Thailand’s Digital Economy Promotion Agency executive vice president, Dr. Supakorn Siddhichai. Based on the existing industrial tie-ups between Taiwan and Thailand, this year’s event is designed to create a win-win situation for both parties by further exploring collaborations and business opportunities in the realm of technology as well as deepening their partnerships in building smart cities.

The forum will not only focus on the smart application demonstration centers set up as the result of Thai-Taiwanese collaborations and continue to showcase the achievements of Taiwan companies but also take a close look at the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Green City Index that measures air quality, transportation, sanitation facilities, and environmental governance. The aim is to create new business opportunities for furthering industry-level cooperation between Taiwan and Thailand following five years of collaborative efforts. Seven government officials and industry leaders from Taiwan and Thailand will attend the event where they will engage in in-depth discussions on an analysis of several topics, including Taiwan’s first overseas smart solution demonstration park (TTSP); how to use environmental Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to reduce air pollution in cities; policies put in place by the Thailand government for the electric vehicle market; smart management solutions for public toilets, Chunghwa Telecom’s sustainable smart city solutions; and the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)-related IoT technology initiative for green transportation and smart cities.

“Through collaborations and experience sharing between Taiwan and Thailand companies, we look forward to providing our Thailand partners with forward-looking insights into future trends and into industrial ecosystems in tandem with developing and strengthening approaches to regional industrial integration in countries targeted by the New Southbound Policy,” said Mr. Yen. “We also expect to establish solid and long-term partnerships with Thailand while developing advanced solutions for smart cities.”

The event will also witness the signing of three memorandums of understanding (MOUs) between Taiwan and Thailand companies. First, in the future, Taiwan-based CAMEO and Thailand’s Synergy Technology will jointly promote air pollution emergency platform and establish a practical application field in Thailand to help reduce impact from air pollution in the city. Second, Taiwan’s Chiun Mai Communication Systems (CMCS) is to provide smart healthcare platform and AIoT solutions for Synergy Technology to develop smart care industry in Thailand and SEA markets. Third, Taiwan-based Advmeds cooperated with local partner Connect Diagnostics in Thailand. The first batch will be introducing the Telemedicine and smart health care solutions into 150 primary care facilities.

SOURCE Institute For Information Industry (III)

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