Abios fills the holes in the seasonal sports calendar with engaging esoccer, provided by BETER

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Esports solutions provider Abios launches a new esoccer experience for sportsbooks utilising official real-time data from BETER, a betting content and data company. The solution features live odds, real-time widgets, and streams, enabling sportsbooks to curate an engaging all-in-one betting experience with consistent and interactive content around the clock.

In sports, there is natural downtime between matches in the tournament calendar. Tournaments in soccer or tennis often span a few months, with significant stretches of time in between. Not to mention the breaks amidst periods of high-tier matches that inevitably occur due to travel times, injuries or scheduling. This volatility can leave periodic gaps in content among sportsbooks.

Esports can mitigate this issue by providing fast-paced, engaging year-round action. Esoccer, and BETER’s ESportsBattle in particular, have tournaments sprinkled throughout the year, allowing sportsbooks to reach a new audience with content in the convergence between esports and sports.

Esoccer is built on a soccer game where professional players control one team each, competing in 8-minute matches to score as many goals as possible. As such, it provides sportsbooks with engaging and consistent content in a manner that sports fans understand.

Oskar Fröberg, CEO and Founder of Abios: “With long experience creating highly technical data-driven products and data visualisations, we wanted to combine our different product arms to create something unique. As such, we are very happy to announce our new all-in-one product for esoccer, developed in collaboration with BETER.

“Our real-time odds are highly automated and produced through 3rd generation trading. This creates higher uptime, better accuracy and odds less prone to human errors, which can improve quality significantly.

Our streams and widgets add to that experience by allowing fans to watch and receive live statistics from the matches directly in the sportsbook.”

Evgeniy Bekker, General Manager at BETER Esports, said: “Esports contests can help operators fill gaps in the sports calendars, creating new opportunities for acquisition and retention. That said, having access to quality data is essential for creating an immersive esports betting experience. Therefore, it’s vital for providers to utilize official data and collaborate with trustworthy partners.

“BETER has emerged as the reliable provider of live data, live streaming, and odds for esports, and it’s great to see that such companies as Abios using our official data to build out engaging products and experiences for its operator partners to offer to their players. This will undoubtedly be a successful partnership for BETER and Abios.”

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