Artificial Intelligence Startup LLENA (AI) Health Solutions Inc. tackles food deserts, partners with Southern University to support (USDA/NIFA) Agriculture and Food Research Initiative


LLENA (AI) Health Solutions Inc. today announced a partnership with Southern University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to support their “Center of Excellence for Nutrition, Health, Wellness, and Quality of Life” initiative to address diet-related health disparities in African Americans by increasing the capacities of 1890 institutions through nutrition research, teaching and extension. The Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center is one of the 1890 Centers of Excellence grant recipients to receive funding from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (USDA/NIFA). The 1890 Universities Foundation mobilizes and manages resources to facilitate broad based programs, initiatives and approaches across the 1890 universities system.

LLENA (AI) will provide artificial intelligence insights & targeted research in the areas of food insecurity, food deserts and COVID-19 in underserved and local communities under the direct leadership of Dr. Fatemeh Malekian, Professor of Food Science, Project Director and Director of the Southern Institute for Food, Nutrition, and Wellness at the SU Ag Center. LLENA (AI) will leverage its proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) that creates an individualized GI (glycemic index) value meal based on blood sugar, blood pressure and other preferences. African Americans remain the least healthy ethnic group in the USA. Diet is a key contributor to disparities in many chronic diseases and conditions.

Southern University alumna and LLENA (AI) CEO Charlotta Carter is excited to empower her community. “As an HBCU grad, we are excited to work with SUAREC to bring needed AI Technology fighting chronic illness in underserved communities. Working with Dr. Fatemeh Malekian on this pilot program, delivering real COVID proof solutions is an amazing opportunity to give back. A multi-state university collaboration featuring training, education, business skills and podcasts while leveraging LLENA (AI) technology is a homerun in fighting food insecurity & food deserts. LLENA (AI) is the key interface (Hub) to allow the community easy access to the resources needed to manage a healthy lifestyle. This innovative nutritional outreach program is a giant step to help eradicate type 2 diabetes!”

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