AstroPay Launches its Digital Payment Service in Europe

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AstroPay, the global leader in online payment solutions, has launched its digital payment service in the European market.

Founded in 2009, AstroPay has been successfully providing payment solutions to customers across Asia, Africa and Latin America, and the launch of its offering in Europe is part of its ambitious global expansion plans, which have been informed directly by customer feedback. AstroPay will be offering its service to customers in the UK, Spain and Portugal initially, following feedback from clients who expressed interest in reaching users based in these countries.

Mikael Lijtenstein, CEO of AstroPay, said: “Over two million users are already benefiting from AstroPay, along with 500 merchants, and via more than 200 payment methods globally. Our decision to launch in Europe is a reflection of the strength of the business, and we are thrilled to be expanding our pioneering digital payment solution to customers in Europe – starting in the UK, Spain and Portugal – which forms the next stage of our wider global expansion plans.”

“The European market is very different to that of Emerging Markets, with its own unique challenges. Europe’s digital payments space is highly developed, with consumers used to having access to a wide range of solutions. Our experience in handling the specificities of different markets allows us to adapt and provide an efficient solution to all types of customers, from merchants and end users to business partners, and across multiple geographies. The differences between these markets, along with the opportunities Europe has to offer, have helped inform our decision to launch in Europe.”

As part of its continued focus to further improve the customer experience, especially as more European merchants shift to online deposits, AstroPay has dedicated teams working across the UK, Spain and Portugal to ensure it maintains a strong understanding of the needs of customers in those regions.

Lijtenstein concluded: “AstroPay has continued to grow from strength to strength, despite the disruption caused by the pandemic, and as the business ventures into Europe, we remain focussed on providing the best possible digital payment service to all our new and existing customers around the world.”

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