‘Beam’, a new game developer toolkit from the Merit Circle DAO, is set to revolutionize the gaming industry

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In a live-streamed October 24 2023 keynote speech marking the launch of Beam, Merit Circle CTO Brandon Aaskov will explain why the gaming industry and web3 are on the cusp of a synergistic relationship:

We’re on the doorstep of a big change in gaming. That’s because gamers are frustrated with the status quo. We don’t get enough say in the games we love because we don’t own any of it. A new era of dialogue between gamers that care and developers that care is about to begin. The transparency and ownership that web3 provides is the reason that this is inevitable.

Game developers know only too well that web3 integration into gaming has, to date, been patchy and unsuccessful. It has focused on the allure of DeFi – decentralized finance – and the promise of quick bucks. As demonstrated by the rise and fall of Axie Infinity, the one web3 game that has made a splash in the mainstream media to date, focusing on finance over fun is a road to ruin.

All that is about to change. Web3 technology is not about crypto: it’s about the magic of truly owning the items you earn in game. It’s about game publishers not being able to dip their hands into your game inventories and invalidate purchases. The blockchain offers this to gamers – and it’s something that gamers are crying out for.

“When it comes to gaming, the biggest promise of web3 is true ownership,” Aaskov is to explain in the keynote. “Historically, the items you’ve earned in a game are locked to that world, useful for you maybe, but with no value beyond that game.”

Not anymore. The ownership facilitated by the blockchain is a uniquely web3 quality that enormously enriches the lore-building potential of items nurtured in-game. That item you now truly own can go on a journey of achievements. It can have a story all its own. You can then
treasure this item, or sell it for its accumulated value – for the legend that you’ve accumulated for it.

What’s more, Beam empowers developers to create games in which players can sell their legend-laced, battle-hardened item for fiat currency, not crypto. If engaging with crypto is off-putting, Beam takes that fear away.

The advent of Beam means that game developers – increasingly conscious of dissatisfaction within the gaming community – can now integrate this enormous potential into their games. It gives the industry the tools for a large-scale adoption of web3 capabilities. In this, it is unique and, as Aaskov will relate, “quite literally game-changing”.

Beam empowers game developers to be in the vanguard of this coming revolution.

With the coming of Beam, the moment for web3’s proper integration into the gaming industry is upon us.

The Beam ecosystem

Beam is an ecosystem, made up of the following elements:

Beam Companion App: Designed for gamers on the Beam network. It provides a straightforward solution to manage multiple in-game accounts from various games within the Beam ecosystem.

Sphere: Beam’s NFT marketplace for gaming assets.

Beam Hub: A place to discover new games and take part in tournaments.

BeamOS: All of our products tied together into one unified experience, packaged into a user experience that’s familiar, customizable and truly yours.

Beam SDK: the invisible layer empowering game developers to build things their way. Beam does not dictate how or when the SDK should be used. Developers can simply pick what they like, and leave out the remaining options.

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