BETER expands integrity services across live events

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BETER, the industry’s leading provider of next-gen betting and gaming solutions, has raised the bar further on the transparency of events for tournament organisers with a latest wave of integrity strengthening, developed by its Chief Integrity Officer, Andrii Nekrutov.

Instrumental since joining the company in 2021, Nekrutov has been key in evolving BETER’s credentials to ensure all events are conducted with the highest possible quality assurance.

Nekrutov explained: “The utmost reliability of tournaments and principles of fair play are core tenets of our business. To this end, we are constantly refining our integrity policy to ensure the safety of our community of sportspeople, employees and clients.

“We see the integration of our new procedures and systems as another layer of integrity on behalf of our operator partners – ensuring they can have absolute confidence in the transparency of all live events provided by BETER. In-house IT solutions and the chatbot ensure the safety of tournament participants and allow for confidential reporting of any suspicious activity.”

The company has developed a range of different, robust policies in accordance with the International Olympic Committee and other international sports federations for each of its popular live events programmes, the Setka Cup and ESportsBattle and a broader common integrity policy, which BETER imposes on any tournament organiser it cooperates with.

BETER has identified the main directions for implementing the company’s integrity mechanisms:

Detection of any suspicious performance behavior:  An integrity operation centre ensures a consistent information exchange with partners on unfair play issues. A fraud detection service is provided to all clients with a holistic analysis of suspicious in-game events along with the use of cutting-edge tools by an in-house team 24/7.

Improvement of  the integrity awareness campaign: This program includes required e-learnings, training, a whistleblowing platform and pre-employment personnel and tournament participant checks, including a thorough recruitment process and regular integrity examinations. An Ethics Committee will promote high integrity standards and collaborate with sports federations on related issues.

Development of an intelligence-led investigation: Should any suspicious behaviours be identified, these will be targeted. All integrity-related intelligence gathered will be investigated and tracked in an Integrity Incident Database in cooperation with law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities.

Compliance with sports integrity laws of each country where the tournament organiser is based: This new agenda will be constantly monitored to ensure it remains robust and fit for purpose. Regular reviews of existing regulatory environments will ensure strict alignment and compliance with international sports practices.

BETER’s comprehensive integrity policy is mandatory for all tournament organisers who partners with it.

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