Betsoft Gaming Releases Triple Cash or Crash

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Innovative content provider Betsoft Gaming has launched a unique addition to its award-winning portfolio. Triple Cash or Crash is an exhilarating crash style release, designed to bring a new level of excitement to social gaming. Offering the possibility of up to 100,000x max bet winnings in a nail-biting space mission, this is the game players have been waiting for.

Meet the trio of astronauts who will launch their mission once a bet is placed. Their job is to take the spaceship as far into space as they can, causing the multipliers to mount up by the nano second. How far they go depends entirely on players’ intuition, strategy or luck: players must eject the astronauts precisely before the rocket explodes.

The higher they fly, the higher the multipliers and the higher the winnings but also the higher the risk. Hit the eject button too late and the rocket will explode sending players crashing back to earth to try again.

Players can choose to join a “Game Room”. When multiple players are in the same Game Room, active players are listed. When a player successfully ejects an astronaut, that win will show alongside the eject point. In addition, each Room’s statistics per round will be shown at the bottom of the screen. A vertical indicator of the current Multiplier reached also enables players to develop their own personal strategy, further adding to the excitement of each round.

Players are completely in control of Triple Cash or Crash. Using the integral Control Panel, they can set the bet levels and choose when to cash out – either automatically using the provided Auto-Cash Out settings, or at their own discretion.

All players in the same Room will share the same crash point. Room access is limited to 30 players. Once a Room reaches capacity, a new one will become available so opportunities are unlimited.

Furthermore, each astronaut can be bet on separately and ejected individually in a potentially unique feature. With this option to spread the risk, added to the three astronauts tripling the winning chances, plus the staggering 100,000x max bet win potential, this deceptively simple and high volatility slot is bringing a new wow factor to gaming.

Anastasia Bauer, Head of Account Management at Betsoft Gaming, said: “Triple Cash or Crash is a hugely engaging game. It brings novelty and excitement to players whilst putting them in control of the action. Complete with our signature, high impact graphics and the opportunity for some life-changing wins, we are expecting Triple Cash or Crash to be a big success with our clients and players.”

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