Canterbury: Sam Warburton and Mack Hansen Feature in New Roblox Metaverse Game

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World Cup Star Mack Hansen and Wales and Lions Legend Sam Warburton Feature in New Roblox Metaverse Game

To support the launch of the Canterbury Speed Infinite Elite boot purple colourway, the rugby heritage brand has worked with metaverse/gaming developers Dubit to partner with the massively popular Ultimate Easy Obby on the Roblox platform. Players can take on a Canterbury-themed obstacle course and win a free pair of Speed Infinite Elite purple boots for their avatar.

  • Canterbury NZ launches new in-game experience in collaboration with Ultimate Easy Obby
  • Canterbury’s new Speed Infinite Elite boot will be given away as part of the experience as free UCG
  • Ireland’s World Cup ace Mack Hansen stars in the game

Launching today (October 2), the integration will last for one month, giving fans the opportunity to participate in the game and meet their rugby heroes along the way.

The gameplay will consist of five unique stages, each inspired by Canterbury, rugby and its hero ambassadors. Canterbury ambassadors Mack Hansen, Ellie Kildunne, Sam Warburton, Jodie Ounsley, Adam Radwan and Maeve Og O’Leary will all feature in the unique new prospect and provide players with in-game boosts to help them along their way.

The first 15,000 players who successfully complete all five stages will be rewarded with a special UGC version of the Speed Infinite Elite shoes that their avatar can wear in other games across the Roblox metaverse platform.

“This is an exciting launch for everyone at Canterbury, being the first time we have activated within the metaverse gaming space,” the Global Senior Vice-President for Canterbury NZ, Luke Doddrell, said. “The Speed Infinite Elite boot has proven to be one of our most popular boot launches ever, changing perceptions of Canterbury within the rugby boot category. This partnership will bring even more awareness to the boot, through an avenue we haven’t previously explored.

“At Canterbury, we are trying to push the boundaries while showcasing out fantastic ambassadors and the gameplay activation within the Ultimate Easy Obby Roblox game here ticks those boxes. Mack has been electric so far for Ireland and, who knows, we might find a pair of Canterbury Speed Infinite Elites gracing the turf of the world’s showpiece final.”


ComeOn Group renews sponsorship deal with Sliema Aquatic Sports Club and Sliema Wanderers FC

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Award winning iGaming operator ComeOn Group announced renewing their sponsor partnership with Malta based sports clubs Sliema Aquatic Sports Club (ASC) and Sliema Wanderers FC. The sponsorship is a way for the Group to continue supporting the localities close to their headquarters in Malta. ComeOn Group and the two clubs are now embarking on another year of success and exciting projects in order to further anchor the partnership for the benefit of their local community.

Last year the sponsorship was kicked off by a launch video, which was a way for ComeOn and the two clubs to show the mutual cultural fit and foster a sense of community through sports.

Daniela Vella, Chief Operating Officer at ComeOn Group, said: “Sliema is very close to us being the first location of our offices, and even though we have moved some metres up the waterfront, we have found synergies with both teams and their path to success. Both teams tie in well with our values, especially the Run Together The Group is also focused on giving back to the communities with its CSR strategy being a key, strategic pillar and sports plays a vital role in nurturing teamwork, and leadership skills.”

ComeOn Group, highly ranked by EGR Power 50, is a tier one operator on the island with their headquarters based in the modern office facilities of Spinola Park. ComeOn Group has more than 560 employees spanning over 53 nationalities globally, with Maltese being the biggest nationality represented in the headquarters. ComeOn Group has been present for over 13 years on the island, employing over 250 people with 50% of its workforce being female, further anchoring their presence and commitment to Malta.

ComeOn Group works hard to preserve their award winning culture and the company continuously develops their people strategies to retain what is most important to them: their people. An important way to do so for ComeOn is through their extensive Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that serves to offer help to employees when they are experiencing a tough time. The program is a part of ComeOn’s overarching CSR strategy where the focal point is mental health and wellbeing. Another important part of ComeOn’s EAP is the wellbeing allowance employees get each year to spend on activities aimed to boost overall physical and mental health.

For ComeOn and the two teams, sports and active lifestyle is something that goes hand in hand with boosting mental health and wellbeing, hence the importance of the continuing partnership.

Frank Testa, Club President of Sliema ASC, added: It is with immense pleasure and gratitude that we renew our collaboration with ComeOn Group. Without the involvement of such organisations it would not be possible for clubs like ours to continue to work towards achieving our targets. As we move into a new era with our excellent prospects, we are delighted to continue the journey with ComeOn.”

Rupert Perry, Club President of Sliema Wanderers FC said: We are immensely grateful for the unwavering support of our valued sponsor. ComeOn’s commitment to our mission has been instrumental in our success. As we look ahead to the future, we are excited to continue this journey together, creating lasting impact and achieving new heights of excellence.”


FBMDS’ First Ever Crash Game, Champion Tales, is Out Worldwide

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Get ready to witness the dawn of a new era in online casino gaming as FBMDS unveils the highly anticipated Champion Tales, the brand’s first ever non-traditional game available worldwide. Brace your players for an immersive gaming experience that will transport them across the globe, hand in hand with the legendary Mr Champion himself.

Champion Tales captures the essence of the emergent non-traditional gaming trend with its strategic betting rounds and monumental winnings. FBMDS’ new game merges top-notch technology with the brands’ expertise, creating a thrilling and immersive experience with high stakes for players and a safe choice for casino operators.

A distinctive non-traditional game with big prizes to award

Following a crash gaming logic, FBMDS’ release evokes players’ heart-pounding anticipation as the multiplier reaches new heights, requiring strategic decision-making and a thrilling rush to hit the ‘Collect’ button before it’s too late.

FBMDS has balanced gameplay mechanics to increase players’ chances of earning significant rewards, making it a lucrative choice for online casino operators. Furthermore, Champion Tales boasts a highly profitable RTP rate, surpassing competitors in the market.

But that’s not all. Champion Tales comes loaded with features designed to elevate the gaming

  • Autoplay: Players can choose how many rounds they want to play without any hassle, making continuous play even more convenient and enjoyable.
  • Auto Cashout: The Auto Cashout feature, where players can choose the value they want to cash out, minimizing mistakes or distractions that could impact their winnings.
  • Responsible Gambling: FBMDS prioritizes players’ safety with the responsible gambling feature, allowing players to set limits above or below their initial balance, preventing any unwanted excessive play.
  • Detailed Play History: A detailed play history feature ensures that players always remain safe and in control. They can review their past gaming sessions, bets and outcomes, promoting transparency and responsible gaming practices.

“Listening to our partners and clients was always the number-one priority during the creation process of Champion Tales,” the Director for FBM, Renato Almeida, said. “Since the crash gaming category has been getting a lot of popularity, we made sure we understood market needs to make sure our clients’ expectations and profitability rates were being met, while delivering an innovative solution able to provide players with an amazing gaming experience.”

A personalized crash gaming atmosphere

Champion Tales goes beyond colossal wins with its debut, offering a captivating Brazil-inspired tropical ambiance. Moreover, the game’s background, scenery and music can be customized to meet the needs of casino operators in diverse markets, cultural contexts and geographical locations.

This allows for an enriched gaming experience worldwide, whether by incorporating local landmarks, cultural references or regional music, to resonate with operators’ requirements, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.

In addition, clients can have their respective logos applied to the game’s flag, further aiding in branding. FBMDS maintains product localization as a priority by developing characters and backgrounds that resonate with the regions where partners operate and represent the seasonality of the market. This approach generates greater player identification, leading to increased retention and loyalty.

By developing mobile-friendly, cutting-edge and highly customizable gaming solution like Champion Tales, FBMDS proves once again its ability to deliver profitable and satisfying products for casino operators worldwide.


BlueChip Partners Expands to Bangladesh: Unlock New Traffic Opportunities

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BlueChip Partners is now welcoming traffic from Bangladesh. As the brand continues to grow, this new geographic expansion comes at a time when we’re prepared to tackle fresh market challenges. Our successful track record in the Indian, Canadian, and European markets made this expansion a logical next step.

The Bangladesh gaming market presents unique opportunities for BlueChip Partners and webmasters looking to benefit from this untapped domain.

With Bangladesh currently investing in its tourism sector and sports infrastructure and boasting a population of 160 million, there’s immense potential for new gaming ventures. The country’s commitment to enhancing its digital infrastructure and emerging focus on sports suggest a promising surge in betting popularity soon.

Given the nascent state of this market, there are diverse strategies to drive traffic. An array of sources can be utilized to achieve optimal results. Collaborating with BlueChip Partners ensures that this growth is complemented with lucrative rewards.

We offer our partners enticing deals, diverse profit models, and a comprehensive starter pack tailored for the target audience. The no negative balance carryover is a standout feature, allowing webmasters to experiment with different traffic strategies.

“Entering new markets is always an endeavor, particularly if they’re unfamiliar with gambling. But we’re optimistic about the growth potential. Armed with a top-tier product and our in-depth expertise, we’re poised to capture this market segment and ensure profitability for our partners. Now’s the ideal time to come aboard and dominate the market together!” — Bogdan Kuiantsev, Head of BlueChip Partners, commented.

BlueChip Partners is the exclusive affiliate program for BlueChip Casino & Sportsbook. Since its inception in June 2022, it has successfully collaborated with over 1000 partners, and the network keeps expanding. BlueChip Partners welcomes traffic from India, Canada, Finland, and Bangladesh across the Casino and sportsbook verticals. For us, the quality of cooperation always trumps sheer numbers. This philosophy underpins our commitment to forging lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships ensuring flexibility in offers, calculations, and tailored materials.


Game Development World Championship 2023 Summer Season Winners Announced!

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The Game Development World Championship (GDWC) celebrated the 2023 Summer Season with an Awards Stream on Thursday, September 21st. At the event, GDWC announced winners in 11 categories for the Summer Season.

Watch the Award Stream recording on the GDWC youtube channel.

Indie Award Winner: Three Minutes To Eight by Chaosmonger Studio.
Studio Award Winner: Planet Cube: Edge by Sunna Entertainment
Hobby Award Winner: Wretched Depths by Wretched Devs
Mobile Award Winner: Boxville by Triomatica Games
Best Web3 Game Award Winner: Stella Fantasy by Ring Games
AR & VR Award Winner: Stilt by Rekt Games
Immersal SDK Award Winner: KramARkapellet by darteq
Made-with-Houdini Award Winner: Kristala by Astral Clocktower Studios
Procedural Award Winner: SULFUR by Perfect Random

Action Award Winners:
1st Place: Tactical Squad: SWAT Stories by Red Mountain Games
2nd Place: SpaceBourne2 by Dbk Games
3rd Place: DOOMBLADE by Muro Studios

Gcore Cloud Award Winners:
1st Place: Feudums by Kalamona Studios
2nd Place: Vaudeville by Bumblebee Studios
3rd Place: Retail Royale by DarxDev

All the Winning games of the Season can be found on the GDWC website, here:

GDWC sends congratulations to all the winners and huge thanks to all developers who participated in the championship, and to all the sponsors and partners that made the GDWC 2023 Summer Season possible.

The GDWC 2023 Winter Season is currently open for submissions with the biggest prize pool in GDWC history, totalling over $660,000 in value. Prizes are spread across 12 award categories and range from swag & software licences to cash prizes, publishing deals and marketing & User Acquisition funding.

GDWC is free to participate and open to everyone from hobbyist & student developers to professional studios from all over the world. Games on all digital platforms – PC, Consoles, Mobile, VR & AR, Web & Browsers, are accepted. Developers can participate with a game they are currently working on, or with a game they have released, as long as it was released after August 1st 2022.


Opera GX, the Browser for Gamers, Surpasses 25 Million Monthly Active Users

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Opera GX, the browser for gamers, today announced that its number of monthly active users (MAU) has surpassed 25 million across desktop and mobile devices. This milestone highlights Opera GX’s increasing adoption within the gaming community and its integral position within gaming culture.

“We are thrilled to announce this remarkable achievement of 25 million monthly active users, as Opera GX continues to prove its commitment to enhancing the browsing experience for gamers worldwide. With a passion for innovation and dedication to the gaming community, we look forward to sharing what the future holds,” said Krystian Kolondra, Executive Vice President of Browsers and Gaming at Opera.

Since 2019, Opera GX has been dedicated to delivering a distinct browsing experience for gamers. Its aim was to address the challenge posed by resource-intensive browsers during gaming sessions while simultaneously offering a unique aesthetic and enhanced customizability that aligns perfectly with gamers’ preferences. Today, Opera GX is at the forefront of innovative browsers, providing dynamic features like Aria, a free, cutting-edge generative AI service, solidifying it as a staple in the gaming environment.

Seizing the moment, Opera GX has taken advantage of its strong technology and platform capabilities to provide gamers with useful and entertaining tools, uniting a global community of passionate gamers and giving users a new and exciting way to browse the internet.


BetConstruct introduces a New Application – iGaming Bot

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BetConstruct, a leading technology and service provider, launches its new product, iGaming Bot, an application tailored to operate within Telegram.

With iGaming Bot, BetConstruct partners and operators can integrate popular iGaming functions directly into Telegram, providing a streamlined and accessible gaming experience that complements traditional website and mobile application offerings.

The new product includes a diverse range of exciting features and services directly through the Telegram app, opening access to a vast selection of thrilling slot games in a single platform. Additionally, iGaming Bot offers a hassle-free experience, with seamless deposits and withdrawals, account and payment method verification, as well as 24/7 live support.

This is a unique opportunity for iGaming businesses to stay ahead of the competition, combining convenience and entertainment in a single platform.


The Women in Games Manifesto: A call to arms for gender equality & equity in games and esports

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Women in Games, a UK-based not-for-profit organisation with a worldwide influence, today launches the Women in Games Manifesto.

This Manifesto, deeply rooted in the spirit of the suffragist movement, embodies the collective resolve of Women in Games to promote fairness and gender equality in the games and esports sectors.



Women in Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman explains the importance of the Manifesto’s launch: “50% of the world’s population is women, 50% of players of video games across the world are women and girls, yet only approximately 23% of those who work in the games industry are women. 

“Women working in the industry are less likely to be in game development and programming roles and less likely to be in senior positions. And only a few studios are owned and run by women. 

“There are serious challenges in the games sector, with toxicity against girls and women players online and sexual harassment at major corporate events, along with discrimination in the workplace. 

“72% of female players experience toxicity online with girls and women encountering dark and threatening behaviours – often being aggressively quizzed about their gaming skills, which often leads to more violent verbal abuse and threats of rape

“Women and girls are detrimentally affected by these harmful actions and environments. And, along with the negative press that follows, this affects their mental wellbeing and discourages girls and women from pursuing an education or career in games. 

“This picture needs urgently repainting. The time for change is now.” 




The Manifesto presents ‘Fourteen Reasons for Supporting Women in Games’. It calls on the global gaming community to collaboratively work towards dismantling discrimination and fostering inclusivity.

110 years ago, women suffragists in the UK published their manifesto: ‘Fourteen Reasons for Supporting Women’s Suffrage’. More than a century later, women may have the vote, but there is still so much to be done to bring about fairness for women. Women in Games follows in their footsteps, in this manifesto:



Fourteen Reasons for supporting Women in Games

1 Because women have long been marginalised in the games industry, and it is past time to take action to create a fair playing field.

2. Because ‘women’s economic equality is good for business’ (UN, 2023).

3. Because advocating through collaboration and communication are fundamental tools in the struggle to eliminate discrimination.

4. Because all women working in the industry deserve to be fairly treated at all levels, from content creation to leading development teams, and from junior to senior management.

5. Because equal pay for all means equal pay for women.

6. Because in order to make the games industry a place of fair play, we must foster an environment in which everyone belongs.

7. Because to aspire to be a fair reflection of the whole world, games must fairly reflect the world’s whole population.

8. Because sexism and harassment are a scourge on the face of the games industry,    and it falls to everyone, particularly leaders, to ensure the health, safety and well-being of women.

9. Because toxic play environments prevent women from participating in civilised communities of play.

10. Because women’s life experiences and professional expertise are wildly diverse, bringing more innovative ideas, developing better games and a richer, more vibrant creative culture for everyone.

11. Because in order to achieve fairness, the tangible barriers that prevent women from entering the games industry must be removed.

12. Because embracing gender equality and diversity in games and the games industry will bring about a sustainable future.

13. Because education, training and professional development for girls and women are essential to bringing about a fair playing field.

14. Because – to summarise all of these reasons – a fair playing field benefits all.



Women and girls in the games community are the targets of gender-based toxicity in person and when playing online.

According to the long-running Female Gamers Survey (Bryter), such toxicity is on the rise, and as a result, women gamers are often discouraged from playing the games they love. 72% of female gamers experience toxicity in gaming, often of a dark and threatening kind; even more disturbingly, the abuse doesn’t always stop once players leave the game – some instances manifest into serious consequences outside of gaming. In the 2022 Bryter survey, 1 in 4 women stated they are reluctant to identify as a real gamer, and just 38% of female gamers feel that there are adequate processes in place to deal with toxicity in gaming.

Allegations of discrimination against women working in games and esports have continued to emerge this year – globally, and within small studios and large multinational businesses. Beyond single companies, or individual events such as at the most recent in-person Game Developers Conference, there is a prevalent culture that enables unacceptable behaviour towards women, which at its worst, includes physical threats and harassment.

Women’s representation in the game development community remains extremely low in comparison to their employment across the wider world of work – GDC’s 2022 report revealed it has declined to 20%. Other research, such as that conducted by Ukie, would suggest that in the UK it is as high as 30%, although a lack of granular understanding of the specific roles that women play across disciplines and levels makes it impossible to understand their true involvement.

Further, detailed research into women’s representation is urgently needed in order to make women’s work in the games sector visible. It is crucial to reveal gender-based disparities in the game-making process, and how women are being affected in achieving leadership roles by the ‘broken rung’ at the first step up to management.





Women in Games advocates for all women, girls and people of diverse gender identities, as well as transgender, gender diverse and intersex women, in order to positively influence public discourse and bring a culture of fairness and belonging to  work and play spaces.

We address critical spheres of action, defined by our priority areas of focus, giving voice to a global community who support our cause and one another.

We promote the interests of our community through a vibrant ecosystem of Women in Games Corporate, Individual and Education Ambassadors.

We currently have over 1,450 Individual Ambassadors across 70+ countries worldwide, and over 40 Corporate Ambassadors and Education Ambassadors in our community of active supporters.

We hold global events designed to provide safe, encouraging and supportive networking and career development opportunities.

We produce significant publications that provide important insights into how to achieve gender fairness in the games and esports sectors.

We hold annual Women in Games Global Awards, in order to promote the achievements and accomplishments of women across the sector, and we collaborate with other organisations that share our vision, in research and development projects.

CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman added: “All of our work, which continues to gain widespread recognition, is undertaken in order to achieve real change, both in public discourse about fairness to women and in the lived reality for women in the games and esports sectors. Please join us in making change for women and girls around the world.”



Women in Games invites participation from all industry stakeholders, including game studios, associated companies, and esports organisations. From becoming a Corporate Ambassador to making individual donations, everyone can contribute to driving Women in Games’ mission forward.

To find out more about becoming a Women in Games Individual Ambassador, or a Corporate or Education Ambassador, visit https://www.womeningames .org/ambassadors/

For details on how to support Women in Games, visit https://www.womeningames .org/about-us/donate-2/


ESL One powered by Intel® Returns To Malaysia This December With a US$1,000,000 Prize Pool

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ESL, an ESL FACEIT Group brand, announced the return of ESL One powered by Intel® to Malaysia, this December 11-17. The world-class Dota 2 tournament will feature 12 of the best Dota 2 teams from around the globe, competing for a prize pool of US$1,000,000 (over 4.6M Ringgit Malaysia). After three previous iterations of ESL One powered by Intel® hosted in Genting, this year’s tournament will take place in Kuala Lumpur, with playoffs matches on December 15-17 live at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC).


ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 will begin with a three-day Group Stage, taking place from December 11-13 and consisting of two groups of six teams competing in a single round-robin format. The top six teams from the Group Stage will proceed to the live Playoffs which will take place across December 15-17, and feature a double elimination format. Stay tuned as the competing teams will be announced at a later date.

“We know Dota fans across South-East Asia have been eagerly waiting for the return of ESL One for over a year now. This December, we’re bringing back ESL One, bigger & more accessible than ever before, as we move the tournament from Genting to Kuala Lumpur for the first time,” said Shane Clarke, Director, Game Ecosystems – Dota 2 at ESL FACEIT Group. “We’re ready to put on a world-class tournament at MITEC, and look forward to return to the region soon with more incredible live Dota 2 action and experiences.”


Wave 1 tickets to ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 will go on sale on September 21 at 15:00 MYT (09:00 CEST), with prices starting from RM149. Full details can be found below:


Ticket Type Price Inclusions
Premium 3-Day RM549 -Access to all Playoffs matches on December 15, 16 & 17
-Premium Bounty Bag
-Seating in the front of the infield, closest to the players
-Access to Signing Sessions
-Premium attendee badge
Plus 3-Day RM349 -Access to all Playoffs matches on December 15, 16 & 17

-Bounty Bag
-Access to Signing Sessions

3-Day General Admission RM149 -Access to all Playoffs matches on December 15, 16 & 17
-Access to Signing Sessions


To purchase tickets, fans can visit

Rise Above Fate

Throughout all stages of the tournament, fans can expect to see artwork and references inspired by the tournament’s new theme: Rise Above Fate. Carolin Linden, Senior Marketing Creative at ESL FACEIT Group, had this to say about the new approach:

“Our theme draws inspiration from Kuala Lumpur’s mystic charm and rich folklore, inviting players and fans alike on a transformative journey. A journey led by none other than Nerif, the Oracle and great foreseer. His prophecies don’t merely predict the future – they shape it. As courses collide in the grand battle for the crown, we’ll have to wait and see if fate is something to be conquered. Knowing Oracle … it could go either way.”

ESL One Kuala Lumpur 2023 will be broadcast live on the ESL Dota 2 Twitch and YouTube channels, and via dedicated broadcast partners. For more information, head to the official website, and follow ESL Dota 2 on X (Twitter), Instagram, or Facebook.


Games Global gearing up for SBC Summit Barcelona showcase

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Games Global is gearing up for its long-awaited appearance at one of betting and gaming’s hottest events later this month, SBC Summit Barcelona.

The annual conference and exhibition showcases the very best the industry has to offer with over 15,000 delegates visiting the iconic FIRA Barcelona Montjuïc between the 19th and 21st of September.

Having made a bold entrance into the industry last year, Games Global is set to make its first appearance at the show. The supplier’s stand at E4 in the Casino Zone will serve as a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to tap into the online casino content Games Global has to offer.

Alongside a range of top-billing content from its line-up of 36 exclusive studio partners, Games Global will highlight recently launched network jackpot King Millions™, its most lucrative jackpot to date. Introduced in 9 Masks of Fire™ King Millions™, the jackpot bolsters the iGaming supplier’s existing network of progressive jackpots, which includes world-renowned Mega Moolah™ and WowPot!™.

King Millions™ offers players double the opportunity to win huge cash prizes, with its top two jackpots seeded at one and two million euros. Furthermore, the top-tier GRAND Jackpot is expected to award record-breaking prizes exceeding €30 million.

In further celebration of Games Global’s stellar offering and legendary studios, a delegation from the company will attend the SBC Awards, where Switch Studios is up for the Innovation in Casino Entertainment award for Roulette Mega Moolah and fellow exclusive studio brand Just For The Win are shortlisted for Casino / Slots Developer of the Year.

Andrew Booth, Chief Product Officer at Games Global, said: “Industry events such as SBC Summit Barcelona are the lifeblood of the iGaming industry and offer suppliers such as ourselves a fantastic opportunity to speak to current and potential stakeholders.

“More so, these events allow us to showcase our ever-growing casino content and product offerings, alongside the seriously talented teams behind the scenes. From providing sneak peaks of the biggest titles due to explode on our platform in the next quarter, to revealing the full potential of our flexible new jackpot product King Millions™, we cannot wait to unveil what’s in store!”