Bilibili Announces Most Popular Scientific Topics of 2023 among China’s Young Generations


Bilibili Inc. (“Bilibili” or the “Company”), an iconic brand and a leading video community for young people in China, announced the “2023 Top 5 Most Popular Scientific Topics on Bilibili”, namely AI-generated content (AIGC), room-temperature superconductors, brain-computer interfaces, black holes and controllable nuclear fusion.

The announcement was made on Bilibili’s inaugural “Super Science Night” event held on October 28 in Beijing. The event featured 9 renowned scientists and scholars worldwide, including Michael Levitt, 2013 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry; Jia Yang, deputy chief designer of China’s lunar and mars exploration rovers; and Professor Chu Junhao, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Together with top Bilibili technology creators including Zhihuijun and Mediastorm, scientists and scholars showcased innovative and cutting-edge science experiments and lectures tailored for young audiences.

One particularly captivating experiment during the event saw Professor Chu demonstrate invisibility using a special material called “lenticular grating”. Standing behind a panel constructed from this material, the lower half of Professor Chu’s body seemed to magically disappear, allowing the audience to clearly see the stage behind him. “In the future, the invisible cloak from the Harry Potter series may become our daily outfit,” said Professor Chu.

86% of Bilibili users are under the age of 35, and they are showing a strong preference for science-related videos. On Bilibili, science and knowledge-related content rank as the second most searched content category and accounted for 41% of the platform’s total video views. Eager to make science more accessible, 645 scientists and professors, including the Nobel Prize Laureates, academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, have joined Bilibili as content creators to share their expertise and knowledge. This influx of science professionals is making complex subject matter understandable and engaging for Bilibili’s young viewers, making the platform a premier destination where young people in China can satisfy their curiosity about the scientific world in an entertaining and interactive way.

Among the “Top 5 Most Popular Scientific Topics”, room-temperature superconductors emerged as one of the most discussed scientific breakthroughs worldwide in 2023. Over 10,000 Bilibili creators have published videos exploring this groundbreaking development, including professors from prestigious Tsinghua University and Fudan University. The official Bilibili account of the Institute of Physics in the Chinese Academy of Sciences held a livestream show to provide audiences with an accessible and comprehensive introduction to this latest scientific discovery. In total, room-temperature superconductors-related videos on Bilibili amassed 11.85 million video interactions this year.

Another widely-discussed scientific development in 2023 is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and AI-generated content (AIGC). Over 3.3 million videos related to AI technology have been uploaded by Bilibili creators, covering various topics, from the latest development of the Large Language Model (LLM) to AI applications in video production, designing, and the gaming industry. The videos attracted over 9 billion views and over 14 billion viewing minutes in total.

One especially popular video by Bilibili creator “MrZero” showed audiences with no programming background how to develop a game entirely using ChatGPT and AI design tools, attracting over 10 million views. Li Mu, Senior Principal Scientist of Amazon Web Services, also amassed over 650,000 followers on Bilibili through his high-quality AI and machine-learning courses.

Beyond extensive AI-related content, Bilibili is also applying AI technology to enhance user experience. The company launched an AI-powered advanced search function that directly answers users’ questions based on LLM and recommends results matching their searches. Actively appearing in the comment section, “AI assistant” accounts summarize the key video highlights for users, saving their time. Bilibili creators have also embraced the AI tools provided by the platform to boost their productivity, like the AI voiceover function which automatically generates narration from video captions.

With a wealth of knowledge-based content, Bilibili has been viewed as a “learning platform” among its users. According to Bilibili’s data, over 243 million users viewed knowledge-based educational videos on Bilibili in the past year alone, which is 5.5 times greater than the number of currently enrolled university students in China. Of these viewers, 72% are under the age of 23. The video that has earned the longest viewing hours on Bilibili is an advanced mathematics course taught by Song Hao, a Bilibili creator and a university professor. The 76-hour course gained over 100 million views in total.

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