Bitcoin Revolution Review: The Official App Seen on TV This Morning


As Bitcoin is gaining popularity among investors, more trading platforms are available in the market. Bitcoin Revolution is one trading platform that has gained the attention of cryptocurrency veterans for its accurate analysis and profitable trading signals. The creators of this platform inform that they have designed a sophisticated algorithm. This algorithm or software program collects the price data from all the major cryptocurrency exchanges. Then, using the advanced machine intelligence of the software, the data is analyzed statistically and the charts generated. These charts are similar to the ones generated by the equity analyzing software. The users can study these one-day, one month, three months, annual, and year to date (YTD) charts and plan their trading strategies.

The designers of this trading application, Bitcoin Revolution claim that they generate trading signals for the traders, and it is nearly 100% accurate. A huge resource of historical trade data is available with the software, and that is compared with the present-day price movements. The statistical calculation is placed side-by-side with the past trading data and then similar conditions identified. After this complicated process of calculation and comparison, the probable profit-making trades are selected by the software. The users can access all these signals from their account page and execute trades accordingly.


Financial analysts have always tried to find out the risks associated with Bitcoin trading. After the daily trading volume of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies crossed $550 billion in 2017, the digital currency market started getting the attention of traders. At that time the value of bitcoins increased 1500% versus that of the dollar. This invited several financial analysts to study the trading patterns of the cryptocurrency market. In a research paper published in the public domain in March 2019, certain market analyses and investigations were done to identify the genetic algorithms that can provide the best trading strategies. Also, surveys were conducted among the amateur and novice traders. The analysis involved the currency pair of Bitcoin versus the US dollar (BTC/USD). It was noted that traders who follow some specific strategies have greater chances of making profits. The researchers studied two groups of traders, one who trades on impulse and others who had specific strategies. The returns of both groups were studied and compared to the market’s fluctuations. MUST SEE: “Shocking New Bitcoin Revolution Report – This May Change Your Mind”

The researchers inferred from the surveys that traders who executed trades on an impulse made huge profits on only 5% of the trades. But for the traders who follow the strategies suggested by trading platforms made more profits. Some of the trading platforms gave more specific and accurate trading strategies. Many other research papers also prove the benefits of trading with a trading platform that provides profitable trading signals. The company behind the Bitcoin Revolution claims that their trading platform has the backing of 99% of clients.

Another reason for the popularity of the Bitcoin Revolution is that it is a free-trading app that is very easy to join. Users have to register with basic details on the website, the company verifies the details immediately and confirm by email. Then after creating a password, the user can fund the account using any credit or debit card and start live trading. Users can deposit a minimum amount of $250 if they want to begin on a small scale. After testing the accuracy of the trading application, they can begin to put more funds into their Bitcoin Revolution account.

In a statement, the company reveals that beginners in the cryptocurrency market can begin with a demo trading functionality available on their account. They can trade with virtual money using the genuine trade signals available on their account page and check the trading platform’s performance. After learning to trade, then they can start live trading with their funds. Also, the software has an automatic trading bot that can execute the trade on its own. So, the users can benefit from this auto bot function to execute trades even when they are not online. They have to choose the trading parameters like the cryptocurrency they want to trade, the exchange, and the risk they want to take. This will take only 15 minutes, and after that, the trading bot will execute the profitable trades and deposit money into the user’s account.

The company suggests that the users should trade using the profitable trade signals that are generated by the software to maximize their chances of making profits.

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