#BREAKTHESTIGMA: SKS365 launches the ‘Wellbeing & Mental Health’ initiative for its employees

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The 3-month initiative, which will run across all the Group’s international locations,  kicks off with the ‘Wellness Time’: working hours become (paid) time off to take care of your wellbeing.

 This autumn, a brand-new initiative is about to be launched for SKS365 Group’s employees. In-person and group learning sessions, on-site professional counselling with expert therapists, nutritional advice, and support for each person’s ongoing practice, are all the initiatives in the pipeline aimed at one single goal: wellbeing and mental health care.

The initiative consists of a program of events over a three-month-long journey, across SKS365’s four locations – Serbia, Malta, Austria and Italy – starting today, October 10th, when World Mental Health Day celebrates awareness of this issue, against all clichés and stigma related to mental disorders. Hence, the hashtag which SKS365 will also use to promote its Mental Health Project:

“#BREAKTHESTIGMA is a crucial part of our mental health campaign, whose mission is to raise awareness and tackle all discrimination for those facing mental struggles, – commented Brian Dean, Chief People Officer of SKS365. The COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, tensions in Eurozone and the looming energy crisis have underscored just how critical mental health and wellbeing are for all people regardless of their gender, nationality or job title. With the launch the WORK.LIVE.PLAY, one year ago, we brought these themes to the forefront of the People agenda. Now, with this Mental Health initiative, we are going to consolidate and embed our people-oriented approach, which is the very heart of our company culture”.

Back in September 2021, SKS365 launched a new, dynamic and working model which re-shapes the relationship between employer and employee. Embracing the complexities that exist in day to day, its strength and innovation lie in the personalization of the working routine based on a balance between the needs and requirements of each employee and the function and role he covers within the organization. WORK.LIVE.PLAY. is a concept that evolves over time, thanks to a constant collection of feedback from employees, with no changes to hours per week, no adjustments to salaries, annual leaves and holidays or, least of all the allowances.

The  Wellbeing & Mental Health initiative, in fact, in addition to the contribution of health professionals and planned activities – from meditation classes to support groups among colleagues – formalises the Wellness Time initiative: a program of monthly days in which all employees are given a half day back to spend it as they prefer outside the office, without having this time deducted from their monthly salary. In addition to this, the next 3 months agenda is plenty of wellbeing initiatives, social events, motivational talks, engagement activities, yoga and fitness sessions, together with nutritional advice, in order to promote good and healthy habits: “All the initiatives we are going to deliver to our people are the result of our efforts to create and nurture a thriving work environment where people feel valued, appreciated and supported in voicing their needs” – explained Dean.

The ultimate goal is to create a support system and permanently embed mental health and wellness into SKS365’s company culture – WORK.LIVE.PLAY.

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