Business Reporter: Why the customer journey is more circuitous than you might think


In a video published on Business Reporter, Raj De Datta, CEO at digital experience platform provider Bloomreach, explains that mapping the customer journey may not be the best way of understanding how to deliver customer satisfaction.

While many have been taught to think about the customer journey as a linear process, most customers simply don’t behave in this fashion, De Datta noted. The customer journey, and customers themselves, are far more complex.

Responding to this more complex customer journey requires data that can provide a deep understanding of customers. Effective technology platforms help businesses to act on this data in real time, enabling them to communicate with customers through channels including the e-commerce site, social media, and emails.

One important technology that powers this is artificial intelligence (AI). Using machine learning to drive constant improvement, AI enables the most engaging messages for the most desired products to be placed in front of target consumers at the best time.

E-commerce is at an inflexion point. It’s no longer sufficient to provide an online retail service. Today, it’s essential to stand out by acknowledging the complexities of your customer’s journey and delivering a personalized experience that meets their needs.

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