Casino Guru Academy Launches a Highly Anticipated Course on Online Casino Complaints Handling Best Practices

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Casino Guru, a renowned gambling resource dedicated to providing valuable information about online casinos, has recently unveiled a free online course dedicated to “Online Casino Complaints Handling Best Practices.” The course marks the sixth addition to the Casino Guru Academy and offers an in-depth look at Casino Guru’s tried-and-true methods for complaints handling. In addition to showcasing the leading examples of complaints from various areas, including delayed payments, verification, lost or misplaced deposits, blocked accounts, and more, the course uncovers best practices for operators when addressing them.

Casino Guru is no stranger to complaints handling – their very own Complaint Resolution Center has been playing a pivotal role in advocating for fair and transparent treatment of players since 2019. The Center has processed nearly 30,000 complaints since its inception, successfully resolving over 8,000 of them and returning an astounding $24,030,582 to online casino players. It is the expert knowledge of Casino Guru’s complaint specialists that powers the newest course, giving operators a unique opportunity to learn from the biggest and most prominent complaint resolution center of its kind.

In just 90 minutes, participants can now complete the free course and earn a certificate showcasing their commitment to enhancing player care. This opportunity not only provides them with the skills to effectively handle player complaints, but it also helps casinos prevent complaints in general. As a result, casinos can enjoy a bolstered reputation, as well as better player experience. Now available on the Academy website, the course is a must-do for every operator striving to improve their business and stay competitive in today’s player-centric world of online gambling.

Šimon Vincze, Sustainable & Safer Gambling Lead at Casino Guru, expressed his enthusiasm for the new course, stating, “The demand for the services of our Center has continuously been increasing, and this trend seems to show no signs of stopping. While it’s comforting that players continue to turn to us for assistance, the growing number of complaints signals potential issues on the operators’ end. This course is the culmination of the extensive experience gathered by our complaint resolution team over the years, and our hope is that it finds its audience and helps operators handle complaints in a more efficient way.

Building upon their expertise, the complaint team at Casino Guru played a pivotal role in another triumphant venture – the prestigious Casino Guru Awards. The inaugural awarding ceremony, held earlier this year, revealed the winner of an important category, ‘The Most Effective Handling of Complaints,’ which gives recognition to the operator who is constantly going above and beyond in making sure player complaints receive the attention they deserve.

The team is also already working on an in-depth course centered around unfair rules in online casinos. This future addition, a follow-up to the complaints handling course, will showcase why some rules used by online casinos, although looking beneficial at first glance, may actually turn out to be more trouble than they’re worth.

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