Casino Guru Launches Academy for Online Casino Customer Support

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As online gambling grows ever more popular, requirements regarding quality, responsible, and fair gambling approaches also increase. Casino Guru, the world’s largest online casino database, has always focused on these values. Its online casino rankings, fair gambling codex, responsible gambling guides, and complaint resolution center should prove as much.

But the company felt it could do more. So, on top of its past projects, Casino Guru launched its first educational course in the Casino Guru Academy series for online casino employees. The series starts with a course detailing online casino customer support basics and hopes to improve online casino player experiences and responsible gambling standards through employee education.

Daniel Dolejsi, who is in charge of Casino Guru’s community projects, describes what inspired the project: “Every day we hear stories and complaints about online casinos mistreating players. We felt a strong desire to do something about the issue, especially seeing as many of the issues players experience are completely preventable through a combination of employee training, player communication, and fair Terms & Conditions agreements.”

Daniel then continues to explain Casino Guru’s approach in tackling this project: “This is a highly ambitious project on our part, and we need to pace ourselves if we wish to succeed. This first course, focusing on online gambling and customer support basics, is supposed to serve as a foundation for our future, more complex courses.”

The Academy’s first course introduces new customer support aspirants to the online gambling ecosystem, hoping to simplify onboarding and, in doing so, open up the customer support employment opportunity to a broader audience. Specifically, it details the most common situations a customer support representative may experience and gives practical advice on dealing with them fairly and professionally.

Daniel, who originally started his online gambling career in customer support himself, explains why Casino Guru chose this topic as the basis for their first Academy course: “Customer support is likely the most common entry-level employment opportunity in online gambling a person may find. However, many new hires are unfamiliar with the industry and often struggle with their job, resulting in bad experiences for employees and players alike. We felt we could fix the problem by giving employees the means of learning everything they need to know, supporting them in growing their careers, and hopefully leading to a more informed online casino environment.”

Casino Guru believes that the first step in improving industry fairness, safety, and responsibility standards is to help casinos choose and nurture suitable candidates. Moving forward, the company hopes to involve partnered entities more heavily in creating the Academy’s various courses, as they think collaboration and sharing their collective know-how will lead to the best results.

Educating a new generation of future industry leaders is no simple task but a crucial one for the gambling industry. With lots of hard work, some patience, and a little luck, the online casino landscape may change for the better forever, thanks to efforts much like this.

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