Chief of Innovative Company QUO AG Wins Two Business Worldwide CEO Awards


Andreas Halbleib, CEO of the trendsetting Swiss company QUO AG, is honored with two CEO awards in the Business Worldwide Magazine 2021 CEO Awards. Andreas is the winner in two categories – ‘Science/Technology CEO of the Year – Switzerland‘ & ‘Most Innovative CEO of the Year – Switzerland‘.

The awards seek to identify and honor the most respected C-level executives across the globe from a variety of different sectors. Unlike many other business awards that focus on the overall success of a company, here the spotlight is on the success of individuals who make the corporations excel – namely senior executives such as CEOs, managing directors, directors and senior-level management. The intention is to give a worthy individual the recognition they deserve, whilst using their example to inspire other companies and business leaders to achieve similar success.

QUO AG is a multi-award winning entrepreneurial innovation, design and engineering company known for its outstanding problem solving expertise. When Andreas took over in 2018, he was tasked with the responsibility of taking the company to an even higher level – a task that he has achieved with flying colors. Motivating his team to master new challenges, Andreas has now expanded the company’s diverse offering to include innovators, human factors experts, industrial designers, business strategists, engineers, material scientists and industry experts.

Andreas describes QUO AG as a fun and forward thinking company that’s firmly focused on the possibilities of “tomorrow” and has managed to turn customers into fans. His motivation came from an unlikely source – Harley Davison motorcycles. Speaking to Business Worldwide Magazine, he explained the ethos behind the company and the concept of creating a fan base instead of seeing clients just as customers. “All organizations regardless of location, size or industry sector, need to build and retain customer loyalty. We do not have customers, we have fans. We believe that actions speak louder than words. To ensure that all our customers become or remain our fans, advocate us and strengthen our market position, we’ve put four pillars in place as our basic cornerstones – professionalism – success – values and last but certainly not least, fun.”

The approach is holistic, covering the entire value chain from market analysis, identification of market opportunities and user needs, through to developing and designing a product, service, process or technology. QUO AG’s solutions are trendsetting and sustainable. Its latest roll-out of the innovation hub offers its clients access to experts no matter what industry they focus on. With products, services, processes, technologies and outcomes that stand out from competition and continue to evolve to meet ongoing and future needs, QUO AG is the right partner for bringing your ideas to life.

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