China Mobile Hong Kong Welcomes JOY-E, its First-ever Virtual Ambassador


Innovations in technology are reshaping the boundaries of our lives, especially with the metaverse being viewed as the next big thing. As an industry pioneer in advancing smart living, China Mobile Hong Kong (CMHK) today welcomed JOY-E, its first-ever virtual ambassador. Debuting on CMHK’s official website and at the MyLink mobile app with a futuristic look, JOY-E will make further appearances at the brand’s events and channels, leveraging CMHK’s unparalleled 5G network and technology to interact with the public in advanced formats. JOY-E is set to provide services through the virtual world and reality, enriching customers’ everyday lives, and will join hands with customers to embark on the new journey of the metaverse.

Revealed in a half-face pose on debut, JOY-E in multifaceted styles shines in CMHK’s businesses

As the first virtual ambassador of CMHK, JOY-E is affable, lively, and vibrant. The “E” in her name resonates with CMHK’s name in Chinese, reflecting the brand’s leading edge in mobile networks and technology applications.

Revealed in an intriguing half-face pose on debut, JOY-E will reveal her multifaceted fashion styles in CMHK’s diverse fields of business. From mobile and smart home services to corporate solutions, and more,

JOY-E will be featured at CMHK’s stores, social media, advertisements, and marketing campaigns.

Greeting the public at future events in various formats with technologies enabled by CMHK

As CMHK celebrates its 25th anniversary, JOY-E will take part in the brand’s events via advanced formats, leading CMHK into a new future chapter. She will also participate in the annual CMHK Hong Kong Hiking Festival, where she will interact and showcase her affinity with the public.

Participate in CMHK’s Facebook game to earn rewards

JOY-E will be featured in CMHK’s upcoming Facebook game. To join and win rewards, stay tuned for more details!

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