Clarivate Top 100 New Brands Report Reveals Mainland China and United States Are Epicenters of Brand Creation


Clarivate Plc (NYSE: CLVT), a global leader in connecting people and organizations to intelligence they can trust to transform their world, today released the annual Top 100 New Brands report. The report draws on global trademark data covering 145 million individual trademark records, analyzing applications filed worldwide between 2021 and 2022 to identify new brands which have surged into the public sphere and demonstrated the greatest diligence in protecting and expanding their brand footprint.

Today, the new brands ‘brandscape’ is undergoing rapid transformation. Mainland China and the United States represent the epicenters of brand creation and activity and show the greatest volume of new brand activity. Mainland China is home to 27 listed brands including WATCH D from Huawei and X nova from China Post Communications Equipment. The U.S. is home to 25 including SHAREPLAY from Apple and AIRCOVER from Airbnb. Europe continues to contribute a significant number of new brands on the list including Germany and Switzerland with eight Top 100 New Brands each, Netherlands with five, France with four and the U.K. with three.

The pervasiveness of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology is reflected in the list with brands from the software, media, finance and fintech sector and electronics brands featuring strongly in the list.

Robert Reading, Director, Government and Content Strategy at Clarivate said, “The modern brand landscape is constantly evolving in a world where there are more risk angles to consider when organizations plan a new brand launch. Amidst these challenges, resourceful new brands are cutting through the noise.”

Other key findings in the report include:

  • Some notable brand owners have multiple Top 100 New Brands on the list: Apple, Huawei and Yuga Labs have five each. Apple owns: SIGNTIME, SHAREPLAY, APPLE WATCH ULTRA, RESTORE FUND and APPLE FIND MY. Huawei owns: AITO, FITAI, HUAWEI Care, Petal Maps and WATCH D. Yuga Labs owns: BORED APE YACHT CLUB, CryptoPunks, KODAS, Meebits and MUTANT APE YACHT CLUB.

  • The consumer goods and food sector, like in 2022, is in the top spot with 23 new brands on this year’s list. The number of brands in the luxury, fashion and sports sector remains unchanged from last year – with 15 new brands listed.

  • In 2023, South Korea emerges as a rising source of new brand creation, tied with the Netherlands for fifth place, with five brands each on the list. This demonstrates South Korea’s expanding influence and increasing global contribution.

Gordon Samson, President, Intellectual Property, Clarivate, said, “At Clarivate, we help forward-thinking brand owners. Our brand IP intelligence solutions enable them to create, expand and protect their brands in a world where expectations are ever higher, and the commercial pressures are greater. By offering essential solutions across the IP lifecycle and perspectives of the brand landscape through trusted and transformative intelligence, we help brand creators to navigate an ever-changing brand landscape and reach their full potential.”


Top 100 New Brands uses content resources across Clarivate, including Clarivate Trademark Strength Index™ and CompuMark™ trademark search and protection. Clarivate experts analyzed global trademark data covering 145 million individual trademark records, analyzing applications filed worldwide between 2021 and 2022 with a verbal (word) element.

Clarivate Brand IP experts evaluated each application and checked for owner details, and applied a score to each brand based on key metrics from the Clarivate Trademark Strength Index:

  • Market footprint – scope of Nice Classes covered by the brand, including a measure of how dominant the brand is within each relevant class.
  • Geographic/economic coverage – the number of countries/registers where protection has been sought, weighted for country GDP.

Taken together, Clarivate identified the Top 100 New Brands 2023 – new brands which have surged into the public sphere in the last two years and demonstrated exceptional ability bringing value, impact and protection on a global scale.

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