Cloudera Powers Enhanced Analytics for PTT Oil and Retail Business to Transform Customer Experiences


Cloudera, the hybrid data company, today announced that Thai oil and retail corporation PTT Oil and Retail Business Public and Company Limited (OR) has chosen Cloudera to create the country’s first ever integrated retail and fueling customer experience through the enhancement of their data analytical capabilities. OR is taking steps to implement the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) to power its new data and analytics platform that delivers insights, providing OR with a clearer view of their customers while enhancing customer engagement by offering a unified and personalized experience across OR’s 1,900 gas stations and 3,000 retail branches. This optimized use of data analytics will also drive the overall transformation of OR’s digital infrastructure, enabling the company to leverage new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and geo-analytics to accelerate operational processes.

The consolidation of Petroleum Authority of Thailand Public Company Limited’s oil and retail businesses to form OR has brought the management of linked businesses, such as cafes located at gas stations, closer together. Customers’ interactions with OR’s business subsidiaries across multiple touch points generated vast amounts of data to map the customer journey and develop integrated and personalized omni-channel experiences for its digitally savvy customers. These customer insights would also inform future marketing and promotional strategies to expand OR’s local business presence. To leverage this data in achieving higher business growth, OR needed a flexible, efficient and secure solution to manage their enterprise data in a new analytics platform that serves as a single source of truth and to democratize data access to their employees spanning different business units for analysis.

OR is working with Cloudera to design and migrate their existing data platform onto Cloudera’s hybrid data solution. OR has selected CDP as the best fit solution to speedily access and manage their data stored across their various cloud and on-premises environments, with the goal for full implementation by 2024. Key challenges that OR seeks to address include seamless and secure access to and delivery of structured and unstructured data stored across multiple environments, organization and scale of data across the data lifecycle, and integrated security and governance that will enable the application of new technologies such as geo-analytics and artificial intelligence to enhance operational processes. With the ability to tap on real-time insights, OR will be able to deliver personalized services by integrating offerings from its multiple business units and subsidiaries. This will also help reduce time spent on other business processes such as franchising, as the technologies could automate location leasing requests from franchise owners of OR’s food and beverage businesses across Thailand.

“At OR, we see data as ‘the new gold’ and are glad to have chosen to work with Cloudera to implement the technology crucial for realizing our business strategy. We are interested in CDP’s ability to harness both on-premises and cloud-based data, which makes it an ideal solution for our hybrid data architecture. With CDP, we are looking to build a platform to democratize our enterprise data and enhance our analysis, which will help us better understand our customers to create impactful and personalized experiences. This will also provide us with the right structured data to support new technological applications. We are looking forward to harnessing the full potential of hybrid data with Cloudera,” said K.Wison Suntharachan, Senior Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Sustainability, OR

“Customers today are seeking more personalized, omni-channel experiences. Data is an important resource in creating these experiences, by providing the pieces needed to form a robust understanding of customers’ needs and wants. OR’s vast amounts of data, available through their businesses, provides the perfect opportunity. Cloudera is delighted to provide the platform needed for OR to turn this data into meaningful experiences for customers,” said Remus Lim, Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan, Cloudera.

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