Community-based social platform Cinfinix with one-click NFT creation feature formally launched


Hieroglyph Digital Technology, a blockchain innovation company, recently launched a cross-chain Non-Fungible Token (NFT) social platform, Cinfinix, based on Ethereum (ETH) and Polygon technologies. The platform allows users to create and display their NFTs freely to identify their individual value through better engagement with the community, while realizing innovative ideas to capitalize private social data and give rise to the personal digital economy. The app can be downloaded and installed directly from the Apple and Google Play stores, enabling users to have instant access to the metaverse.

The maturing of Web3.0 technologies and applications has allowed for the rapid development of varied NFT projects. As a unique token which can not be split up, NFT is quickly gaining popularity among investors and creators. According to the blockchain data platform Chainalysis, the value of smart contracts for creating NFTs on the ETH blockchain exceeded US$40.9 billion in 2021. However, how to create and specifically define the value of a NFT has always been the greatest concern of investors, creators, metaverse fans and researchers.

The purpose behind the launch of Cinfinix is to rewrite the initial definition of NFT in a narrow sense and extend the scope of the definition, considering personal digital assets and the value attributed to them by Web3.0-based NFTs  as a new way to highlight one’s personal identity, community activities and social experience in the metaverse space. The intangible assets also serve as a fast pass by which individuals can enter the metaverse world.

Based on Web3.0 technologies, Cinfinix integrates the core elements of the metaverse, including self-built communities, creators, originality, credibility, communality and common areas of interest, with infinite possibilities and unlimited creativity, empowering every creator with NFT properties and functions. Different groups of users, such as individuals, brands, merchants and organizations, can engage in a variety of creative social activities on the platform, with each one making a contribution to the development of the personal digital economy.

No limits for creating NFTs

As part of one’s private assets, creations on social media representing a person ‘s value are owned by users. They can publish any amount of beneficial content on the platform as a way of sharing their experience and reflecting their personal value by establishing a presence in the My Community and/or My Home sections.

NFTs can be created without any content and format limits. It can be a text, a photo, an audio or a video. After being created, an NFT can be placed for sale on the Cinfinix platform.

Self-determined community-oriented social networking

Built upon Web 3.0 ‘s decentralized blockchain protocol, Cinfinix encourages users to interact with others freely. Whether your are an user, a creator or a brand, you can choose a role as an Explorer, Contributor and Metaverse Rising Star on the platform to build your own or join different types of communities where you can monetize your NFTs, gain more influence and increase your personal wealth.

One-click NFT creation without any costs

By connecting to a digital wallet, users are able to convert their content directly into an NFT and become the owner of a real-time unique NFT with one touch. After completing daily check-ins or participating in community social tasks, users can also be rewarded with bonus points (CIX). Moreover, they can upgrade their status and receive more NFT shares and platform tokens based on their contributions to the community. In the early stage of the launch, CIX points can be directly used to tokenize NFTs, totally cost-free.

Exclusive NFT authentication

With Cinfinix’s strong social properties, various brands and participants can build their own communities on the platform including creating an NFT membership card, establishing member benefits and initiating community activities to enhance user stickiness.

Cinfinix offers a wealth of operational tools to boost the development of communities, including Web3.0 digital marketing tools that brands can use to create an autonomous business ecosystem of metaverse KOLs.

Pre-Seed financing for the app was completed prior to the launch. Remaining funds will be applied to the leveraging of Web3.0 technologies to gradually roll out a number of personal digital economy services to users, with the triple goal of assisting active communities in issuing governance tokens, opening up a crowdfunding platform, and putting in place the development plans for Cinfinix and DAOs within each community.

With the help of various authentication tools, Cinfinix is launching a personal NFT showroom for students, where they can showcase their school life and enrich their job applications. In addition, Cinfinix has started a partnership program to invite NFT projects, brands, merchants, and organizations around the world to join the platform and establish a community.

Become a Cinfinixer and join the community to create a new NFT experience together.

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