Gala Games Releases NFT Mystery Boxes to Commemorate Inventory Migrating to ‘GalaChain’


Gala Games, a pioneering platform in web3 gaming, announced today that they will be relocating unsold and reserve NFT game items from the Ethereum network to their newly launched proprietary blockchain, GalaChain. This move will allow gamers to use their NFTs without Ethereum gas fees and allow Gala Games to implement more robust web3 functionality within titles on the platform.

As part of this move, Gala Games will offer various tiers of all new NFT Mystery Boxes to players featuring game items no longer available in the Gala Games Store. Each box contains three random game items from various titles in the Gala Games Ecosystem. All items within will be tokens on GalaChain, which currently can be transferred within the chain or utilized with zero gas fees, allowing the creation of these NFT Mystery Boxes, which would otherwise require significant gas to mint, distribute and reveal on the Ethereum Network.

Gala Games’ President of Blockchain, Jason “BitBender” Brink remarked on the significance of the moment for web3 gaming, saying, “Bringing NFTs from our games onto our own layer 1 blockchain is a huge step forward. These are game items intended to be used and enjoyed without always worrying about bridges and gas– that’s what GalaChain is designed for!”

Leveraging the capabilities of GalaChain, Gala Games has made 30204 NFT Mystery Boxes available at various price points.


The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure – when an NFT becomes a unique experience in Slovenia


The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB), in partnership with The Julian Alps Association, has presented the country’s first-ever tourism promotional activity featuring NFT and blockchain technology at a unique event in the Julian Alps.

NFT (non-fungible token) is a certified, unique and unrepeatable digital token issued in limited edition as unique collectible electronic souvenirs. ‘The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure’ NFT collection made up of fifteen NFTs was listed on Vandri, a tourism NFT platform.

This week, the country’s first-ever tourism event using NFT promotion took place in the Julian Alps, after first being announced at the World Travel Market in November 2022. A group of selected journalists received NFT tokens which enabled them to obtain an NFT in their digital wallets and could utilise them in real life by attending this unique one-time event. Using an NFT to promote the stories of two key endangered species, the ‘The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure’ raised awareness about Slovenia’s aim to move forward with a digitalised tourism strategy while highlighting the plight of two natural species in Slovenia, and showcasing the stunning Julian Alps.

With help of the two stories about the Cock-of-the-Woods (Western capercaillie), the largest member of the grouse family in Slovenia, and the Queen of the Alps (Alpine eryngo), a rare protected flower, the ‘The Ultimate Julian Alps Sensory Adventure’ showed the deeper importance of balance and reconnecting with nature. Guests got the opportunity to experience therapeutic yoga, sound baths and forest bathing. The one-time multi-sensory adventure proved to be a great success through the guided tours, breathtaking nature and panoramic boat rides around Lake Bled, complemented with food from some of Slovenia’s top chefs.

NFT owners experienced value of their NFTs first-hand by utilising them as tickets to participate in the exclusive preview, creating a unique synergy that combines digital and real-life experiences.

Slovenia and the Julian Alps stand out as smart and innovative destinations incorporating the advanced technology of NFTs into travel and tourism. At the same time, in line with its sustainability ethos, the content of the NFTs draws attention to the issue of endangered flora and fauna species. The Slovenian Tourist Board (STB) is solidifying its position as a pioneer in the evolving tourism industry by embracing the digital future with new technologies in harmony with its traditional values.



Quantum Temple, the Web3 platform preserving cultural heritage, has unveiled the world’s first collection of cultural heritage NFTs – ‘Paths to Alangö’, a debut series of 11 ethnographic films as digital assets, featuring expressions of tangible and intangible culture from Bali, Indonesia. Developed in partnership with The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Indonesia, Quantum Temple has also confirmed the first recorded sale of a cultural heritage NFT for $97,000 (USD), with proceeds transparently directed to preserve and fund ancestral Balinese communities.

Using blockchain technology, 40% of the auction proceeds have been distributed directly to the local culture keeper of ‘Royal Topeng’ and 5% to a social impact fund for their community. The transparent distribution of NFT royalties to culture keepers respects the value of their work, providing more equitable revenue streams for local communities in perpetuity.

“We are thrilled to launch Quantum Temple with our debut collection of cultural heritage NFTs, ‘Paths to Alangö’ featuring Bali, and the historic auction of the first NFT, ‘Royal Topeng’. By immortalizing these cultural traditions and knowledge on the blockchain, we are enabling new pathways for positive stewardship of cultural heritage and transparent distribution of socio-economic benefits for its practitioners and the communities involved. We also hope this redefines the values of cultural tourism in connecting conscious travellers to local communities around the world.” Linda Adami, CEO and Founder, Quantum Temple

“When we were introduced to Quantum Temple last year, we did not think twice about giving our full support. Because at the heart of it, this new model values and protects our culture and people. Most importantly, it reminds us that human connection through arts and culture can be experienced in the digital age.” Angela Herliani Tanoesoedibjo, Vice Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia.

The debut collection, ‘Paths to Alangö’, features Bali, Indonesia with 11 original ethnographic films as collectible NFTs. Each NFT represents a different aspect of Balinese cultural heritage, such as dances, temples, heritage sites, and philosophy, filmed on location against breath-taking backdrops of Bali’s cultural landscape.

The NFTs are created in partnership with local communities in Bali, leading anthropologists, and cultural heritage experts, ensuring that they accurately represent the expressions of Balinese culture. The ‘Paths to Alangö’ NFT collection is designed to be a source of income for Balinese cultural heritage keepers and a new approach to preserve and promote these ancestral communities and their knowledge, transparently distributing NFT royalties directly to the communities in perpetuity.

Future collections will include physical and experiential NFTs, and support ancestral communities in PeruPanama and beyond.


NFT Copyright Protocol BKopy Partners with Novelist Neal Stephenson for Sotheby’s Metaverse Sale, the new, NFT-focused smart contract service, announced today its first commercial use in the Sotheby’s Metaverse sale of “Infocalypse” on Feb. 27, an NFT project marking the 30th anniversary of the publication of “Snow Crash,” made in collaboration between “metaverse” coiner and #1 New York Times bestselling sci-fi novelist Neal Stephenson, artist Tony Sheeder and software developer Sterling Crispin.

BKopy is an ownership protocol that guarantees an NFT owner’s legal rights to use and display copyrighted work by embedding legally-binding, on-chain digital signatures into an NFT transaction. This innovation bridges the gap between blockchain, intellectual property, and contract law.

“It’s an honor to be reestablishing trust in NFTs as a token of fine art ownership, beginning with futurist Neal Stephenson,” said Josh Kramer, founder and CEO, BKopy. “With BKopy, creators, collectors, and marketplaces can now be assured that their NFTs are protected by legally-binding, on-chain contracts.”

“The NFT boom has tantalized artists and buyers alike. But there’s room for improvement as the current system leaves artists vulnerable to exploitation by players who ignore the terms of ‘contracts,’” said Neal Stephenson. “BKopy provides artists and collectors with the same protections they take for granted in the world of physical art, and I’m excited to be an early adopter.”

Through the web and BKopy’s APIs, developers and creators can incorporate legal agreements into their own NFT smart contracts, benefitting all involved parties by:

  • Enabling creators to publish NFT smart contracts with defined usage rights and legally-binding royalty obligations, regardless of where the NFTs are subsequently sold;
  • Providing collectors with legal guarantees regarding the critical aspects contributing to the value of collected artwork: provenance, rarity, and authenticity, in addition to continued access to the underlying artwork and right of display;
  • Providing marketplaces with an improved “token of ownership,” leading to increased customer trust and decreased reputational risks.

Concordium and Frontier multi-chain Wallet announce partnership to expose the Concordium blockchain to Frontier’s massive trader base


Concordium blockchain announces that it will be integrated with advanced non-custodial wallet Frontier, enabling the staking and delegation of Concordium’s native token, CCD, on the platform.

Available on mobile across both Android and iOS, and on web as a browser extension, Frontier is a multi-chain crypto & NFT wallet with DeFi aggregation capabilities on a mission to make DeFi, simple, secure, and mobile.

Frontier’s mission is to make DeFi simple, secure and mobile. Hence it allows users to seamlessly view, track and manage multiple wallets and DeFi portfolios across all platforms from a single interface, empowering them to buy, stake, earn, lend, borrow, swap, and bridge crypto assets across chains and dApps.

With NFTs, protocols, DeFi primitives, and support for 35+ chains –including Ethereum, Solana, Cosmos, Polkadot, Avalanche, the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem and all leading L2 scaling solutions, EVM and non-EVM chains, users no longer need to constantly switch between multiple apps and browser extensions to manage their multi-chain portfolios.

Other than performing typical wallet functions like send, receive, store, swap, and buy cryptos & NFTs, the Concordium users will now be able to stake tokens on multiple chains across various validators, bridge tokens across chains, lend & earn, participate in liquidity pools, create CDPs and trade on token derivatives all in-app acting as a one-stop wallet for all DeFi needs. Additionally, Frontier integrates dApps into various ecosystems to maximize potential for growth from interoperability, and also offers hardware wallet support for Ledger and Trezor.

Benefiting from Frontier’s integration with Concordium Blockchain, the only layer-1 blockchain with a built-in self-sovereign ID framework, the updated account creation will include ID verification and seed phrase integration. The integration will ease and enhance the attractiveness of Concordium for its users.

DeFi users will benefit by creating new Concordium wallets or importing their existing Concordium wallets into Frontier. They will also be able to stake their Concordium tokens seamlessly in a non-custodial way. Apart from this, they will also have access to the upcoming Concordium DeFi ecosystem launching later this year like the Concordordex.

“With regulatory authorities across the globe contemplating ways and means to regulate decentralized finance and cryptos, an ID-verified blockchain network like Concordium can help unlock a significant value in the mass Web3 adoption. Frontier Wallet is beyond excited to partner with Concordium as their Wallet partner and help them build a secured, non-custodial Crypto and NFT wallet with seamless access to DeFi and CCD staking,” says Ravindra Kumar, Founder & CEO, Frontier Wallet.

“At Concordium we believe in a future where Web3 goes hand in hand with both existing and new businesses to create exciting new offerings. To succeed we want our community to have access to the best non-custodial wallets possible. Frontier’s ability to unify multiple blockchain-based offerings in a clean user experience. Concordium’s delegated proof-of-stake design fits naturally into Frontier’s strong, built-in, DeFi offering, and we look forward to working with the team on supporting future compliance needs of projects through Concordiums Web3 ID framework,” says Mikael Breinholst, Concordium’s Director of Product.


Richard O’Brien will be First Owner of The Rocky Horror Show 50th Anniversary NFT


“We would like to, if we may, take you on a strange journey… into the metaverse.” The immortal characters from The Rocky Horror Show are being transit-beamed onto the blockchain to celebrate the show’s 50th anniversary.

The Rocky Horror Show creator Richard O’Brien will be the holder of the initial Riff Raff NFT (non-fungible token) minted from the upcoming collection. Now the team behind the project is calling all stage production Frank-N-Furters, Magentas, Janets, Brads, Columbias, Eddies, Rockys, Riff Raffs and Phantoms past and present to claim a free NFT of their character before they go on sale to the general public.

Andy Leighton MD of Druidcrest, the head rights holder, and Interfishnet Ltd – a company owned by The Rocky Horror Show creator Richard O’Brien – is putting together a list of all cast members of the show and Online Blockchain plc will airdrop them their character.

In both the virtual and physical world, a Rocky Horror Show NFT is planned to act as a key to unlock access to experiences, opportunities and merch for holders as part of the planned The Rocky Horror Show metaverse. More details can be found here.

Richard O’Brien’s Riff Raff character will be the first one released and other characters will be minted and airdropped to verified Rocky Horror players from its incredible 50-year history. The remaining exclusive collection will be minted and made available on NFT marketplace OpenSea later this year. Richard O’Brien and Interfishnet intend to donate a proportion of any proceeds from the NFT to charity.

“NFTs will be more than just collectibles and fandom, they represent a new form of identity. Don’t Dream It, NFT it; I see you shiver with anticipatio….nft,” said Andy Leighton.

Interfishnet and the team behind Online Blockchain have a relationship spanning almost 40 years, which dates back to the first The Rocky Horror Show video game.




The independent film, CONFETTI, which has crossed over and garnered mainstream popularity—based on its story of courage, compassion, and the unique challenges and gifts of individuals with dyslexia—is coming to the blockchain. Following a successful US release embraced by critics and a 92% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, CONFETTI will have its exclusive red carpet BAFTA premiere, where writer and director, Ann Hu, will launch a first-of-its-kind NFT art collection to mobilize awareness around dyslexia and neurodivergent perspectives. During this gathering, Hu will offer free NFTs to the audience to kick-off the project’s international dyslexia awareness campaign.

The special event taking place on October 20th at London’s Princess Ann Theater at 1:30pm GMT will be a star-studded occasion with confirmed celebrity guests, including Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice, Her Majesty Queen Diambi Kabatusuila, His Highness Sheikh Hamad, and many more.

Based on Hu’s own story with her daughter, CONFETTI chronicles the journey of a young mother, who travels with her 9-year-old daughter from their small town in China to New York City in search of a proper education for the girl. Along the way, they are tested and often discouraged, but their belief in themselves and their faith in humanity forges a path to solutions in the end.

The CONFETTI NFT collection, a series of 2022 digital art pieces, depicts the main characters of the film. Launching at the October 20th BAFTA event, the collection will start with 200 free mint opportunities, and a 20 piece BAFTA limited edition will also be available for purchase on the same day. Following the event, the public mint of the NFT collection will begin, including a charity auction of 2 unique pieces that are 1/1s  from the collection.

NFT holders will join an international community providing resources and education for people with dyslexia worldwide. The majority of proceeds from NFT sales will go to organizations, such as the British Dyslexia Association, supporting dyslexic individuals globally. As the project evolves, Hu’s vision is to make NFT art created by dyslexic artists available and to produce a dyslexia-focused identity movement.

CONFETTI, both the film and the NFT project, serve as the genesis of a dialogue about the need for a global identity for people with learning differences,” says Hu. “This project will be the first feature film to spawn a Web3 community solely dedicated to the cause of equity and visibility for neurodivergent people.”

As a creative offering, the NFT will catalyze change and maintain a compassionate digital space that honors the director’s daughter and the millions of kids and adults like her who see the world through the lens of dyslexia.

To purchase a CONFETTI NFT, visit the CONFETTI NFT site here. Sign up for the community list in Discord here. Follow the project on Twitter at @Confetti_NFT. To join the Confetti World Foundation Linkedin group, go here.


Andy Warhol, Wayne Gretzky, Tina Turner and other collectibles in Las Vegas NFT Auction


LIVE from Las Vegas on October 12, 2022, the first of its kind, original and NFT auction!

Outlaw NFT Auctions will host a live auction with a seasoned auctioneer, featuring authenticated digital assets, all backed by the immutability of the blockchain. Bidders and viewers can attend live or online.

Andy Warhol’s Mick Jagger screen prints from 1975 and their accompanying NFTs are featured in a lot in the Arts section of the auction. The National Institute of Appraisers recently estimated the value of the originals at $100,000 to $120,000 US each, without the NFTs.

The Pop Culture Memorabilia section has a lot with one of the music industry’s iconic tour costumes and accompanying NFT. The collectible is a vintage Versace couture dress worn by Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Tina Turner during multiple record-breaking tours in the 1990’s. The dress is offered from the collection of renowned Stylist to the Stars, Wayne Scot Lucas.

In 1978, 17-year-old Wayne Gretzky signed a personal service contact with Nelson Skalbania that paved the way to greatness for the former Edmonton Oilers and Los Angeles Kings player. Since Wayne was underage at the time of signing, his father, Walter, co-signed the contract. This contract represents the commencement of the Great One’s ascent into NHL legendary status. In the Sports Collectibles, this one-of-one digital version of the contract has been authenticated and secured by the blockchain. This unique NFT collectible is also available for sale at the live auction.


Based on NFT and ACGN, NEXTYPE’s NEO FANTASY is ready for the official launch after over 1-year tech development and optimization of the game system


NEO FANTASY is a blockchain-based metaverse game that combines NFT and DeFi into the gameplay in-depth, creating an ACGN world for users who like to explore the Metaverse by ACGN RPG games.

With the maturity of the GameFi market, the players are becoming well educated and eager for more high-quality blockchain games with reasonable and effective in-game economic design, sophisticated and enjoyable gameplays, and better experiences comparable with traditional games, which are exactly what NEO FANTASY is dedicated to present to the GameFi market and the global players.

By combining the PVP and PVE gameplay creatively, NEO FANTASY ensures endless fun while exploring the game world. The massive and fantastic dungeons in the game allow players to apply multi-strategies to win rich rewards, meanwhile, enjoy the purest fun of the game itself.

Differently from most other NFT games, the concept of STAR ASCENDING in NEO FANTASY brings a novel way of NFT synthesis. The consumption of NFT Heroes of the same race allows players’ redundant NFT to be valuable and beneficial at any time, improving in-game NFT liquidity and ensuring the stability of players’ earnings.

The early investment is always being worried by GameFi players. To lower this barrier, NEO FANTASY provides a Free-to-Play way for players. Free NFT claim enables players to start their game and accumulate their in-game wealth without extra money-cost.

NEO FANTASY has earnt attention since its first establishment and built cooperation with VCs and other partners. The good endorsement will increase not only the reputation of NEO FANTASY but also gather over $1,500,000 during the initial fundraising stage from Shima Capital, NEO Smart Economy, and some other institutions and personal investors.

After a long and careful preparation, now, NEO FANTASY is ready to shock and show what a good GameFi project should be to this world, which has been silent for too long.


Asia’s First Physical Metaverse-Themed Web3, NFT and Crypto Conference Happening In Singapore


The first ever metaverse-themed blockchain & web3 conference will be held on 28th July 2022 in one of Asia’s most prominent club; Zouk Singapore. The conference titled THE WEB3 CON will showcase and feature promising start-ups, established organisations and investors within the Blockchain, Crypto, NFT and Metaverse industry under one roof in a futuristic neon-lights and glitz set up. The conference event is organised by Asia’s leading blockchain accelerator AsiaTokenFund Group and its partners Morpheus Labs, Block Tides, AC Capital, and Reactify all of which are leading web3 players in Asia and the US.

For the first time in Asia, the blockchain event will be housed in a two-floor, three club-hall venues all under one roof in the iconic Zouk building located in Clarke QuaySingapore. The location was carefully selected to fully embody the meaning of metaverse and web3 – futuristic, innovative and ground breaking.

We want to move away from the traditional and dull conferences done in ballrooms as it doesn’t really bring out the true definition of metaverse. At this venue, attendees can relax, enjoy the lights, do some work, have fun and learn something new with superb light show and entertainment lined up. It’s truly going to be a conference like no other,” said Ken Nizam – Founder if Asia Token Fund Group, Organiser of The Web3 Con 2022.

“We’ve been waiting for the right event to speak at just before Coinweb ships it’s first product in a bid to prove the platform is not just another science project that doesn’t leave the lab, and Web3 Conference is the right fit for us to join at, being held in the epicentre of South East Asia’s tech hub,” said Toby Gilbert, CEO of Coinweb, one of the key speakers of the event.

Other prominent Key Speakers, exhibitors and partners includes Huawei, Binance, Chainalysis, Kucoin Labs, ChainUp, GEMS, Sleep Future, Anotoys Collectiverse, PLAYGROUND and many more.