The independent film, CONFETTI, which has crossed over and garnered mainstream popularity—based on its story of courage, compassion, and the unique challenges and gifts of individuals with dyslexia—is coming to the blockchain. Following a successful US release embraced by critics and a 92% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes, CONFETTI will have its exclusive red carpet BAFTA premiere, where writer and director, Ann Hu, will launch a first-of-its-kind NFT art collection to mobilize awareness around dyslexia and neurodivergent perspectives. During this gathering, Hu will offer free NFTs to the audience to kick-off the project’s international dyslexia awareness campaign.

The special event taking place on October 20th at London’s Princess Ann Theater at 1:30pm GMT will be a star-studded occasion with confirmed celebrity guests, including Her Royal Highness Princess Beatrice, Her Majesty Queen Diambi Kabatusuila, His Highness Sheikh Hamad, and many more.

Based on Hu’s own story with her daughter, CONFETTI chronicles the journey of a young mother, who travels with her 9-year-old daughter from their small town in China to New York City in search of a proper education for the girl. Along the way, they are tested and often discouraged, but their belief in themselves and their faith in humanity forges a path to solutions in the end.

The CONFETTI NFT collection, a series of 2022 digital art pieces, depicts the main characters of the film. Launching at the October 20th BAFTA event, the collection will start with 200 free mint opportunities, and a 20 piece BAFTA limited edition will also be available for purchase on the same day. Following the event, the public mint of the NFT collection will begin, including a charity auction of 2 unique pieces that are 1/1s  from the collection.

NFT holders will join an international community providing resources and education for people with dyslexia worldwide. The majority of proceeds from NFT sales will go to organizations, such as the British Dyslexia Association, supporting dyslexic individuals globally. As the project evolves, Hu’s vision is to make NFT art created by dyslexic artists available and to produce a dyslexia-focused identity movement.

CONFETTI, both the film and the NFT project, serve as the genesis of a dialogue about the need for a global identity for people with learning differences,” says Hu. “This project will be the first feature film to spawn a Web3 community solely dedicated to the cause of equity and visibility for neurodivergent people.”

As a creative offering, the NFT will catalyze change and maintain a compassionate digital space that honors the director’s daughter and the millions of kids and adults like her who see the world through the lens of dyslexia.

To purchase a CONFETTI NFT, visit the CONFETTI NFT site here. Sign up for the community list in Discord here. Follow the project on Twitter at @Confetti_NFT. To join the Confetti World Foundation Linkedin group, go here.