Gala Games Releases NFT Mystery Boxes to Commemorate Inventory Migrating to ‘GalaChain’


Gala Games, a pioneering platform in web3 gaming, announced today that they will be relocating unsold and reserve NFT game items from the Ethereum network to their newly launched proprietary blockchain, GalaChain. This move will allow gamers to use their NFTs without Ethereum gas fees and allow Gala Games to implement more robust web3 functionality within titles on the platform.

As part of this move, Gala Games will offer various tiers of all new NFT Mystery Boxes to players featuring game items no longer available in the Gala Games Store. Each box contains three random game items from various titles in the Gala Games Ecosystem. All items within will be tokens on GalaChain, which currently can be transferred within the chain or utilized with zero gas fees, allowing the creation of these NFT Mystery Boxes, which would otherwise require significant gas to mint, distribute and reveal on the Ethereum Network.

Gala Games’ President of Blockchain, Jason “BitBender” Brink remarked on the significance of the moment for web3 gaming, saying, “Bringing NFTs from our games onto our own layer 1 blockchain is a huge step forward. These are game items intended to be used and enjoyed without always worrying about bridges and gas– that’s what GalaChain is designed for!”

Leveraging the capabilities of GalaChain, Gala Games has made 30204 NFT Mystery Boxes available at various price points.

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