Conexus, Taking a Revolutionary Approach to Solving Talent Challenges in the iGaming and PayTech Sectors.

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The Conexus Group is excited to announce the launch of Conexus Human Capital, a pioneering division dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of talent and human resource management solutions tailored specifically for the iGaming and PayTech sectors. Conexus Human Capital aims to redefine the talent landscape by offering truly transformative solutions that fuel innovation and drive organisational growth.

Announcing this new entity, Rob Dowling, CEO of the Conexus Group, said, “In the highly competitive iGaming and PayTech sectors, acquiring and retaining talent is critical to every company’s success. For over 20 years we have been delivering market leading talent solutions with Pentasia and iGaming Academy leading the way. All our brands continue to lead in their respective fields but integrated they provide a holistic approach that offers a uniquely valuable proposition. Our mission is to unlock the true potential of a client’s human capital in order to propel that business forward. Identifying, developing and retaining talent that truly makes a difference is a challenge for even the most accomplished companies. Additionally, the challenges our clients face are increasingly complex in their scale and this is why we have launched Conexus Human Capital.”

Through a unique approach that goes beyond conventional practices, Conexus Human Capital aligns talent strategies with organisational goals throughout the entire lifecycle of the business. By navigating the intricate interplay between human potential and organisational success, Conexus Human Capital offers tailored solutions that drive productivity, profitability, creativity and innovation.

“At Conexus Human Capital we bring a unique perspective to the iGaming and PayTech sectors, offering access to deep industry knowledge, an unrivalled global network of talent and specialist services tailored to support strategic talent objectives that accelerate company performance” explained Dowling.

With the launch of Conexus Human Capital the Group has rebranded its executive search and talent consulting arm, Marden to Conexus Leadership. Additionally, the Group’s scaled recruitment division, that delivers volume requirements in the 100’s, has been rebranded from Cohort to Conexus Enterprise.

These solutions, now working seamlessly alongside Pentasia and iGaming Academy, complete the Conexus Human Capital portfolio. Together they deliver a unique offering, providing a comprehensive suite of services designed to empower businesses in the iGaming and PayTech sectors, propelling them toward sustained growth and success.

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