Darkest Dungeon, An Engaging Role-play Idle Game is Out Now on Android

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Why human is being attacked? In the world of black magic, there’s a war happens in a mysterious and dangerous old dungeon, a battle between monsters and human beings. You need to recruit monster heroes, build castles, defeat royal troops, and lead monster armies to glory. This is a role-play Idle game, Darkest Dungeon, released by Loongcheer Game on Google Play beta track as early access from 24th June, 2022. The game will be published globally.


Story of the Game

Long long ago, monsters and human beings developed a bond. While underground monsters practice their magic to safeguard humans from being harmed by natural disasters, individuals who live on the surface manage t block the sunlight from entering the underground, so as to protect all the monsters. Everything appears to be in balance. But since the number of people is increasing quickly throughout time, they need land for littering, building, living, etc.. They have a pressing yearning to explore space. This time, they are looking at the space under the ground…


Cartoonish Design with Dark Atmosphere

Darkest Dungeon is an RPG driven by a black fairy-tale legendary storyline. The entire UI is made to look like a dungeon. Deep color with low saturation is chosen to present with the eerie background music, which creates a dark atmosphere to closely connect with the storyline. But the monster heroes are cartoonish design, with weird appearance such as green skin, scar, skull, snake braid, to show a sense of contrast.


Everyone Could be a Rich Man in the Game

Darkest Dungeon must be the greatest option if you are looking for a game to enjoy your leisure time with. Everyone could be a rich man in the game, since most of the time all you need to do is click to receive your gold coins and diamonds. There are lots of way to get the in-game money: diamond box will appear randomly when you are online; The monsters working in dungeons bring you a good harvest; Lucky Draw, Gold Miner and Mystery Cavern also make you wealthy in the game.


RPG with Surprising Gameplay

Darkest Dungeon is more entertaining and engaging for the simple cultivation system. Since the primary material is the gold coins you can quickly gain in dungeons, upgrading the monster hero and the castle is fairly simple. The automatic battle mode makes the game much easier to play. Besides, many attractive gameplay enrich Darkest Dungeon: you can upgrade the castle and open a new map to start the new adventure; Various kind of mini-games let the game become more playable and fascinating; The black fairy-tale legendary storyline will show you the extraordinary legend in the underground kingdom; A variety of settings and game themes on each map reflects a particular underground cultures.

More features could be found in Darkest Dungeon if you download the game and have a try. Use your magic and help monsters safeguard the underground kingdom!

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