Debiopharm Partners with Genedata to Digitalize Translational Research


Genedata, the leading provider of enterprise software solutions for biopharmaceutical R&D, today announced that Debiopharm, a Swiss-based, global biopharmaceutical company is adopting Genedata Profiler® as its single point of access to translational research data to accelerate its R&D activities and bring life-saving drugs faster to underserved patients.

“We have been looking for a digital solution that helps us maximize the value of our R&D data to advance our drug development programs. With Genedata Profiler we have found what we have been searching for,” says Carolina Haefliger, Head of Translational Medicine, Debiopharm. “By consolidating large amounts of diverse, multi-source data and enabling our teams to utilize those data easily, Genedata Profiler strengthens our innovative potential, ultimately allowing us to bridge the gap between disruptive research and real-world application.”

To support the company’s mission to translate scientific findings into effective therapeutic products and enhance the success rate of clinical trials through data-driven decisions, Genedata Profiler equips Debiopharm with:

  • A single point of access to internal and external data sources including CROs and public databases to improve data discoverability and usability,
  • Automated pipelines for high-performance data processing, harmonization, and integration to transform unstructured high-dimensional multi-modal data into interoperable, analysis-ready data products for comparable cross-study analyses,
  • An extendable visualization and statistical toolbox to enable intuitive and self-service data investigation and analysis for hypothesis testing.

By centralizing the variety of dispersed data and democratizing access to analytical tools, while digitizing and automating data operations, the Genedata Profiler platform bolsters the company’s ability to seamlessly explore, analyze and interpret data streamlining insight generation. Ultimately, such improved data ownership and improved usability of data will encourage R&D innovation and productivity.

Beyond access to Genedata Profiler, Debiopharm benefits from Genedata consulting services to seamlessly implement the software within its IT infrastructure, operate the platform efficiently to further increase its Return On Investment as well as facilitate company-specific custom developments such as fit-for-purpose data visualizations.

“We are delighted to see Debiopharm, an innovative precision medicine company, among our rapidly growing clients of the Genedata Profiler platform,” says Othmar Pfannes, Ph.D., CEO of Genedata.” The adoption of Genedata Profiler as a single point of truth will help Debiopharm boost their innovative R&D engines, ultimately bringing much-needed precision medicines faster to patients.”

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