DigitalEjis and Betpoint together in safeguarding responsible gaming

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DigitalEjis Limited, an innovative research and development company, and Betpoint, a leading Italian regulated gaming operator, have signed a partnership agreement to improve technological safeguards for players and responsible gaming.

DigitalEjis, a pioneer in its field, is the only company that provides an advanced technological solution to assist gaming operators in promoting responsible gaming and ensuring a safer gaming environment for all customers. DigitalEjis has developed the world’s first anti-addiction prediction software, the result of years of scientific research conducted in collaboration with renowned institutions and enhanced by the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

This software aims to improve the protection of responsible gaming. Ian McLoughlin, CEO of DigitalEjis, emphasized the ethical imperative behind the development of the innovative software: “Our mission is to create a safe and fun gaming environment for all players. By allowing operators to better understand their players, we aim to implement protection tools for the most vulnerable users without compromising anyone’s fun”.

“It was a pleasure,” adds Ian McLoughlin, “to work closely with Betpoint to enable them to offer a quantum-leap in player protection compared to the competition. Through-out the process, Betpoint has shown a constant commitment to maximizing the safety of its players. What I now hope is that players will turn to gaming operators who offer more protection. Currently in Italy, Betpoint represents the reference point for this”.

Betpoint, a leading gaming operator in Italy, stands out for its leadership in the field of player protection. Long committed to promoting transparency, player trust, and their safety, Betpoint sees the collaboration with DigitalEjis as a further sign of its commitment to responsible gaming.

With the integration of the software designed and produced by DigitalEjis on its gaming platform, Betpoint confirms itself as the most committed operator in Italy on the front of the protection of safe and responsible gaming. Betpoint, a prominent name in the gaming sector in Italy, has consistently prioritized transparency and player trust. In its position as a premium operator, Betpoint has committed to actively promoting responsible gaming as an integral part of its
corporate philosophy.

Giuseppe Simone, CEO of Betpoint, stated: “The collaboration with DigitalEjis reflects our commitment to player safety. We firmly believe that operators should provide a safer gaming experience for their customers, and we are committed to doing exactly that”.


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